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Frequently asked questions

[accordion_content title=”Why does it say I’m 20 weeks, when I’m 19 weeks and 3 days?” title_size=”h4″]The week number you see depends on your settings. In [Settings] you can decide if you want to see the ‘current’ or ‘completed’ week. The completed week will show week 5, when you are 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant. The current week will show you week 6, when you are 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant. If you prefer to see the ‘completed’ week of pregnancy instead, simply move the slider in [Settings]. It’s up to you which display you prefer to see. [/accordion_content]

[accordion_content title=”I’ve updated the App and now it looks as if I have to buy it again!?” title_size=”h4″]As long as you sign into the same App Store account you used to purchase the Pregnancy App the first time, you will never have to pay twice. Under the ‘Buy the App’ button there’s a ‘Restore your purchase’ link. Just click on the link and log in to the App Store, and your previous purchase will be restored.
If you have any trouble with the Restore link (App Store connectivity issues, etc), you can still re-download any lost purchases. Just go through the purchasing workflow again (tap to buy, confirm, and put in your App Store password) and you’ll get a pop-up notifying you that you’ve already paid for it and asking if you’d like to download it again. Please note that you must use the same Apple ID that you initially used to buy the in-app purchases. If you use a different Apple ID, you will be charged again!
If you have a previous receipt from iTunes, Windows, Samsung or Google Play, showing the purchase was successful then you won’t be charged twice for the upgrade. If you have any issues please email [email protected][/accordion_content]

[accordion_content title=”Refunds and Payment Problems!” title_size=”h4″]If you want a refund or think that you have been charged incorrectly, and you are using an Apple product, you will need to contact Apple Inc. We do not have any control or access to your financial information or any transactions that you make, this is all managed by Apple Inc. You can log into your Apple account by using your Apple ID and Password where you will then be able to contact Apple Inc. If you have purchased the App via Google Play, you can contact us directly with any transaction issues on [email protected][/accordion_content]

[accordion_content title=”How do I share information from the App?” title_size=”h4″]You can share weekly information, kick counts and contraction data from the App via Facebook or email. For example for the weekly information, simply scroll to the bottom of the ‘Weekly’ text, and click ‘Share weekly info.’ Be sure that you have allowed the App access to your contact list if you plan to share by email. You will need to allow this in your device Settings. [/accordion_content]

[accordion_content title=”How do I set the App for a twin pregnancy?” title_size=”h4″]Unfortunately there is no specific setting for twin or multiple pregnancies. We tried to include as much text for twin pregnancies as possible in the weekly text, but the foetal weights and lengths are based on a singleton pregnancy.[/accordion_content]

[accordion_content title=”Why does the App stop at 13 weeks?” title_size=”h4″]The first trimester is free of charge (up to week 13). We believe you should not need to pay for the App until you’ve passed the important first milestone. If you’ve enjoyed the first part of the Application you can upgrade to the full version and get all 42 weeks of illustrations and helpful information, as well as many other useful tools and features.[/accordion_content]

[accordion_content title=”Why should I create an account?” title_size=”h4″]The reason we push the sign up is because we want to encourage users to create an account. You don’t need to enter much data to create an account, and once signed up, the App automatically stores all your precious data in case you ever lose your device. You can also ‘sign up’ with just your email address, so you don’t need to use Facebook or Twitter. If you don’t want to sign up at all, you simply press ‘maybe later’. [/accordion_content]

[accordion_content title=”How do I change the App’s language?” title_size=”h4″]The language setting for the App is based on the setting for your device. If you switch the language to French on your phone or tablet, the App language should change, as well. The App is currently available in English, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, and Spanish. We hope to add additional languages in the future (e.g. Portuguese and Russian are scheduled for early 2015). [/accordion_content]

[accordion_content title=”How is my due date calculated?” title_size=”h4″]The start of a pregnancy is always calculated from the first day the last period and two weeks later is the date of conception. So, entering your due date, the date of conception would be two weeks after your last menstrual period, and the last menstrual period is when the week calculations starts. You can find more information about calculating due dates by clicking the ‘information’ button at the top of the ‘due date’ screen. [/accordion_content]



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