Baby Names App FAQs (Android)

Baby Names Genius App FAQs

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There are almost 50,000 names, from 65 origins and more than half of these have their meanings included.

You can change the gender of the name you’re looking for by tapping the gender icon (girl or boy).

‘Like’ a name if it’s the kind of name you like. If you really like it and would consider it for your baby, then tap the ‘favorite’ heart button. It will be saved to your Favorites list.

You can remove a name from your Favorites list by clicking on the trash icon on the right of each name.

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. Baby Names Genius uses self learning AI to understand what names you like. Baby Names Genius gets better and better the more you use it, and chooses the best names that are suited to you.

Baby Names Genius learns what types of names you like by your voting in Genius. Periodically Baby Names Genius will present a name to you that is a wild card to ensure it’s on the right track.

The app will sometimes repeat a similar name with a different spelling, for example Vicktor and Victor, or Louie and Louis.
We do this because some people feel strongly positive for one spelling and negative for another spelling. The differences on occasion can be subtle so it may feel like it’s a repeated name.
Please just continue and it’ll teach the AI what style of name you’re looking for.

The questions in your profile help Baby Names Genius build a better idea of the names you might like. This information is used anonymously so don’t worry it’s private and secure.

Go to the More section, and tap on Account Settings. Tapping Reset App will remove all your data and log you out.

If you enjoy the App and want to help others find it, then please rate the app in Google Play. There’s a link in the More section. If you like it, tap 5 stars and write a few words that will help others understand what’s great about it.

Creating an account is quick and easy and requires an email address, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account. Your data and settings are securely saved in the cloud in case you lose your phone/device, accidentally delete the App or want to sync the data between multiple devices, such as a smartphone and a tablet.

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