Baby Names Genius App

Baby Names Genius App

The unique Baby Names App that uses artificial intelligence

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Baby Names Genius is a fun-to-use unique baby name finder that quickly learns what you like and then presents a personalized selection of names appropriate to YOU, taking into account your likes, dislikes, family names, relationships, country, interests, hobbies and more.

Plus, as you are asked to like or dislike each name that you see, Baby Names Genius can show you world-wide baby name rankings, voted by the Baby Names Genius community.

Amazing features of the Baby Names Genius App:
– Pioneering AI: Intelligent name finder
– Community voting on names, ranking updates on trending names
– 50,000 boy and girl names including their meanings and origins
– Celebrity birthdays
– Full A-Z listings
– Advanced search (popularity, origin, religion, initial letter, length)
– Popularity rankings by country
– Share with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and email

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