5 Pregnancy Tips You Should Know

5 Pregnancy Tips You Should Know

When you become pregnant, your body and mind will go through a multitude of changes. Some of these changes in mood and emotions are simply a result of hormones. Others are physical and coincide with the changes going on with your body. But mostly, the changes that occur during pregnancy are ones of transition – as you grow from one thing to another. From a woman to a mother.

Lots of people, lots of books and lots of websites and doctors have plenty of advice to give you. In fact, soaking it all in can be overwhelming. Today we share with you the 5 pregnancy tips you should know, that might just save your sanity.

1. Find out what you NEED to know and nothing more. The Internet gives us too much information and one Google search can have you spinning with worry and fret. If you have a question – ask your doctor, ask a friend, or do a simple search.  Stop reading when you start getting overloaded with too much information. And know when to stop listening to other people who think they are helping by giving you advice.

2. Trust yourself, your feelings, your intuition and your body. If you think something is wrong – then call the doctor. If your intuition tells you something, then believe it. No one knows YOU better than YOU. No one knows what YOUR pregnancy feels like better than YOU. If you complain to a physician and they give you a substandard answer that doesn’t feel right to you – dig further.

3. You don’t need a book to teach you how to become a mother. Sure, some baby proofing tips, some nutrition guidelines, and researching some options of child rearing are natural and normal. But motherhood is one thing you cannot learn from a book. You were BORN to be a mother. You WILL be an awesome mom, as soon as you realize to trust yourself and your instincts. Your baby won’t come with an instruction manual, this is true – but YOU will be able to provide him or her with everything he or she needs. If you have questions, ask. But remember that deep inside of you, you already know the right thing.

4.  Enjoy your pregnancy. It’s easy to get lost in the aches and pains, the stresses and the inability to see your feet. You may feel cumbersome and uncomfortable. You may worry. You may have indigestion, or feel nauseated. Still, take time to enjoy your pregnancy and to be thoroughly present during your pregnancy. Relish in those moments where you get to feel the baby move inside of you. Feel the magic when you hear your baby’s heartbeat. Enjoy how fast you are growing. Realize the miracle you are creating. The last thing you want is to feel regrets that you failed to enjoy your pregnancy once it’s over. This is YOUR time!  ENJOY IT. Even if you get pregnant again, you will never have THIS pregnancy again.

5.  Do pregnancy YOUR way! Remember, you don’t get a redo on this. If you have dreams of pregnancy, or want to wear a beautiful dress, or have your belly painted or casted, or pay for a 3D ultrasound – do it! It doesn’t matter what other people think. Make your pregnancy your own by making it as special as you want it to be!

Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @Momspirational

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