5 Ways to Help your Baby Develop a Great Sense of Humor!

5 Ways to Help your Baby Develop a Great Sense of Humor!

Did you know that your baby’s sense of humor isn’t something he or she automatically inherits? Just because you’re funny (or so your husband tells you) doesn’t mean your baby will get that trait from you. You have to nurture that sense of humor, helping your little one to laugh right alongside the things you find the most humorous.

Of course, the fact that your baby will be spending a bulk of his or her time with you over the years makes it pretty likely that your sense of humor will rub off. But there are also some ways you can help your little one to get there.

  1. Laugh and Smile. A lot. Your baby is always watching you, looking to you for cues on how to react and interact with the world around them. So the more you laugh and smile, the more he or she will begin to do the same. In those early months, this probably looked like sweet coos and adoring grins, but now that your baby is getting older, don’t hesitate to laugh out loud and beam brightly at the funny things he or she does. Before you know it, they’ll be laughing right along with you.
  2. Be Silly Get down on your hands and knees and pretend to be a dog. Wiggle around in a goofy dance. Teach your little one funny hand movements to a new song. But whatever you do, don’t get caught up in being too serious. Your baby needs you to show him or her how to find humor in the world; so be that humor they’re looking for. And get down on their level to play!
  3. Play Hide and Seek Older babies love peekaboo, and you will get extended periods of entertainment (and laughter) out of the game. But you can also tickle their funny bone by pretending you don’t see them, or going off in search of something that they can clearly see. This will teach your baby teasing, and they will get a kick out of thinking they (or their favorite stuffed animals) are hiding from you.
  4. Make Funny Noises Snort like a pig. Beep like a phone. Honk like a horn. Kids love noises, and random and unexpected funny noises will have them busting out in laughter! Not to mention, mimicking you in order to be funny themselves!
  5. Get Animated When you are looking to play with your little one, with a focus on sense of humor development, make exaggerated faces and goofy voices. Be animated in what you do, and your little one will be eager to join you in the fun.

Written by Leah Campbell, infertility advocate, adoptive mama, writer and editor. Find me @sifinalaska on Twitter.

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