8 Perks of the Second Trimester

8 Perks of the Second Trimester

The second trimester is often the time during a pregnancy when a woman can relax some. The risk of miscarriage is reduced, and often the icky side effects of the first trimester are coming to an end. It also represents progress, and for many women, the second trimester is where they finally look and feel pregnant.

We have gathered the 8 Second Trimester PERKS, that will have you looking forward to the midway part of your pregnancy.

1.  You will finally start showing. Maybe you have noticed your baby bump, but during the second trimester others will as well! Being visibly pregnant definitely makes the pregnancy feel more real.

2.  You will get to have an ultrasound, and your baby will look like a real human. You will be amazed at how your baby – so tiny in the womb – has tiny fingers and hands that even move. The second trimester ultrasound is, for many, one of the highlights of pregnancy.

3.  Your energy levels will return. Certainly hormones are still running amuck. But the surges in progesterone will start to drop off, which will leave you feeling more like yourself and with a lot more energy. Plus, since you aren’t so big that mobility is a problem, you will likely be happy to exercise and stay active.

4.  You can begin sharing the news with everyone and anyone! Many people only tell very close family members (or no one at all) in the very beginning. But now that you are soaring through the second trimester you may be inclined to shout it from the rooftops.

5.  Your baby can hear you! This means they start learning your voice, they can hear music, and you can truly talk to your baby. Experts believe that babies learn to recognize their parents voices during the second trimester.

6. Sometime during the second trimester you will be able to feel your baby move. Feeling the baby move, and even better – seeing the baby move inside your belly – is truly one of the most remarkable and beautiful parts of pregnancy. The flutters you feel in the beginning will soon turn out to be all out kicks and punches. And during the second trimester, others will be able to see and feel the movements as well.

7.  You can get a fairly accurate estimate of your baby’s gender if you want it. With ultrasound technology, those who want to know can know – which means you can start planning for pink or blue, and coming up with baby names.

8. With you (hopefully) feeling better and having some extra energy to boot, the second trimester is the perfect time for a vacation or getaway. As long as your pregnancy is progressing smoothly, you wont have any limitations on travel and can enjoy one last getaway before the baby is born!

Tell us, what were or are your favorite parts of the second trimester?

Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @Momspirational

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