Affording Maternity Clothes

Affording Maternity Clothes

Once your baby bump begins to show, and you start outgrowing your pre-pregnancy clothes, the idea of cutesy outfits that showcase your pregnancy can be the highlight of your shopping trips. Even so, affording maternity clothes is another issue as so many tend to be over-priced and even a single pair of maternity jeans can cost twice as much as regular jeans. Apparently, stores know they have you ‘over a barrel,’ so to speak, and that you will pay high prices anyways.

The following tips can help you save money on maternity clothes, which will leave you with more money to buy baby clothes and nursery decorations.

  • Shop thrift stores. Most pregnancy clothes are gently worn, and you can buy them for a fraction of the cost at thrift and second hand stores, or even yard sales than you can buying them retail. Pregnancy is a short span of time and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get a wardrobe. Look for basics like jeans, black pants, and khakis that you can pair with tops.
  • For your ‘at home clothes’ look into men’s clothing. (Don’t worry, you’ll look sexy in anything when you are pregnant) If you are just lounging around at home you want to be comfortable, and oftentimes men’s sweat pants and t-shirts are roomier and more comfortable than women’s clothes.
  • Look in the regular plus size department for pants and skirts that have elastic waistbands. In fact, cute skirts and bottoms with elastic waistbands from the regular clothing department can be much cheaper, and can stretch to meet your growing body’s needs.
  • Dresses are a great option and if they are not fitted, can grow with you during pregnancy. Plus, they can make you feel cute and put together while pregnant.
  • Hit up some of your friends and family who have had kids already. Chances are their maternity clothes are sitting in a box in the attic just waiting for someone like you who may need them. Plus, you can either return them when you are done, or pass them on to another woman you know who is pregnant and pay it forward.

One thing is for sure! You should at least splurge on one or two outfits that make you FEEL GOOD while you are pregnant. A flowing short dress that shows off your legs and your baby bump, or a fitted and whimsical shirt you can pair with pants that make you glow with pride while you are pregnant are must-haves. While you may not want to break the bank purchasing maternity clothes, you should remember to cherish this moment in your life and continue to allow yourself to feel beautiful.

Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @Momspirational

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