Baby Name Regret and How to Handle it

Baby Name Regret and How to Handle it

You spent nine long months drawing up a shortlist, vetoed hundreds of ridiculous suggestions from your other half and finally settled on a name you both loved. Or did you? It’s not uncommon for parents to wake up one day and think “Help! I don’t like my baby’s name.” Baby name regret isn’t uncommon, though you may not know many parents who discuss it openly.

Perhaps it was the best of a bad bunch or maybe you were convinced you were having a boy and so didn’t spend much time considering girl’s names. Whatever the reason, you’re now in a bit of an awkward situation. The name has been announced, friends and family love it, but you’re still not keen. Is there anything you can do about it?

What to do when you don’t like your baby’s name

  1. Be honest

Opening up and talking to your partner or best friend could make the world of difference. If you’ve been treating it like a deep dark secret, it’s probably been eating away at you. It may also have grown into a huge problem simply because you’ve been trying to bottle it up. Talking about how you feel could actually leave you feeling happier and more positive, you may even decide the name isn’t quite so bad.

  1. Talk it through

If you still hate the name and really can’t imagine ever growing to love it, it’s time to have a chat with your partner. How would he feel about potentially changing your baby’s name? It may sound drastic, but plenty of other parents have made this choice. If you love the middle name you chose, could you switch the two names around and start using the middle one as a first name? Or would you prefer to go for something new entirely? If you can agree on a new name, you can give your baby a name you both love.

  1. Get people on board

If you do decide to choose a new name, you might have a few awkward conversations with friends and family members. Whilst you may find some are supportive and love the new name, others are bound to be hesitant about the change. Remember, it’s your choice and if you’re happy with a switch, then that’s all that matters. Explain to people why you’ve decided to make the change and why you’ve picked the new name. Explain that you feel the new name is better suited to your beautiful baby and that the old name simply wasn’t doing your baby justice. It might take people a little while to adjust, but they’ll soon grow used to the new name.

Have you had any doubts about the name you chose?

Written by Fiona (@Fiona_Peacock), mother, writer and lover of all things baby related.

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