Can I Fly During Pregnancy?

Can I Fly During Pregnancy?

As people no doubt keep telling you, you won’t get to spend much quality time with your partner once the baby arrives. You’ll be sleep deprived, nappy-changing, baby-rocking partners in crime, but you won’t get much alone time. For the first few months at least, any grown up moments snatched during naptime will probably be spent talking about how amazing the baby is. You’re probably thinking, there’s no way you’re going to be one of those mums. You will. At least for the first few months.

With this in mind, it’s worth making the most of your last few months of quality couple time, before you become infatuated and all-consumed by the tiny perfect bundle who’s about to steal your heart. Whether it’s a relaxing week in the Maldives, a once in a lifetime trip to New York, or a weekend in Paris you fancy, now is the time to do it.

Can I fly during pregnancy?

If you are having a healthy, low-risk pregnancy, you should be safe to fly during the first and second trimesters. If you are having a high-risk pregnancy, or have suffered spotting, excessive morning sickness or high blood pressure, you should speak to your healthcare provider before booking flights. You should also speak to your healthcare provider if you have previously experienced a miscarriage or preterm labour. They will assess your individual needs before recommending whether or not you can fly.

When is it unsafe to fly?

This is up to the individual airlines. Most will happily accept your business up until week 27. From week 27 onwards, your risk of going into labour increases. Some airlines may be happy to take you further into the third trimester, but others may refuse. You will need to contact the airline to check their policies. Some may require a letter confirming your due date signed by your healthcare provider.

By the time you reach your final month of pregnancy, most airlines will refuse to carry you. If you are carrying twins, this cut off point may come even sooner. You will need to check each airline individually to find out what their policies are for flying during the third trimester.

Will flying harm my baby?

No. Your baby will not be affected by the cabin pressure. However, you should avoid flying in smaller planes that do not have cabin pressure.

When is the best time to fly?

The best time to fly is probably during your second trimester. By that point, you should hopefully be over the fatigue and nausea of the first trimester. By the time you reach your third trimester, you will find it more difficult to get comfortable, and may struggle to find airlines who will carry you.

The second trimester is seen as the ideal time to take a babymoon, or enjoy time with friends and family. Book your tickets, pack your bags and remember these top tips for flying during pregnancy:

  1. Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water
  2. Comfort before style – wear comfortable loose fitting clothes
  3. Ask for an aisle seat – stretch those legs
  4. Go for a waddle – walk around if you are starting to feel uncomfortable

Bon voyage!

Written by Fiona, proud owner of a toddler, @fiona_peacock

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