Celebrity Baby Names of 2013 So Far

Celebrity Baby Names of 2013 So Far

Celebrities have a habit of coming with unusual, unique and magnificent names for their offspring. Much like marmite, the unique nature of celebrity baby names usually split people into two distinguished camps: the lovers and the haters. Here we take a look at the celebrity baby names of 2013 so far:

Coleen and Wayne Rooney’s latest addition, born in May, is named Klay. While this may be an unusual name, it is by no means new. Klay is a variant of Clay, a name that has been around for generations. The name Clay originally comes from the natural resource taken from the ground, so Klay is a name inspired by nature.

The Saturdays’ Rochelle and husband, former JLS singer, Marvin Humes welcomed their first daughter, Alaia-Mai, in May. Alaia is a Nordic name meaning joyful or happy. Mai (pronounced May) has a number of potential origins. In Japan it means dance, in China it means ocean or elegance, in Vietnam it means cherry blossom, and in Wales it simply means May.

The second son born to Peaches Geldof and her musician husband Tom Cohen, Phaedra, was born in April. Phaedra is a name from Greek mythology. Phaedra was the wife of Theseus, who fell in love with and was rejected by her stepson, and then hanged herself. The name itself is Greek in origin and means bright. Phaedra is most commonly used as a girls’ name, although there may be an increase in baby boys named Phaedra now.

The radio presenter Fearne Cotton and partner Jess Wood welcomed their first son, Rex, in February. Rex is a name of Latin and English origin, and means king. It can also be interpreted to mean ruler.

Lily Rose Cooper and husband Sam Cooper welcomed their second daughter, Marnie, at the start of the year. Marnie is a Scottish name meaning of the sea. Other interpretations include sparkling and shining as the meaning of this name. Marnie is a popular name in the US, and popularity is set to increase in the UK following the birth of Marnie Rose Cooper.

Pop singer Shakira and her footballer boyfriend Gerard Pique welcome their first son, Milan, in January. Milan is a name of Slavic origin, and means dear, loving or gracious. In ancient Rome, the name Milan was thought to mean eager, laborious or rival. The Sanskrit interpretation of the meaning of Milan is unification or coming together.

There are a number of celebrity babies expected in 2013, and we’re eagerly awaiting more birth announcements. The most anticipated baby name of 2013 must be the Royal Baby. Prince William and Kate are keeping quiet about the exact due date, but we do know the baby is due during July. Another celeb baby due in July, is the first child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. We’re looking forward to finding out the name of this already internationally famous baby.

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