Clumsiness During Pregnancy

Clumsiness During Pregnancy

Since the start of pregnancy, you feel like not only did your pregnancy shrink your brain, but it has also made you a tad clumsy. You are suddenly dropping things, tripping, knocking things over, misplacing items, and having trouble remembering what you are supposed to be doing. And, of course, you wonder if this is normal? You wonder if pregnancy has caused you to lose your mind and your cat-like grace.

The truth is, that this state of confusion and clumsiness during pregnancy is completely normal. Your body is undergoing rapid changes in a short time that seemingly affect every system of the body from your brain to your joints. Plus, as you retain more water and become larger, your center of balance becomes off. As a result, the tendency to drop things, fall, trip or become clumsy increase. In addition to that, hormonal changes that loosen the ligaments in the joints (and seem to give you a case of pregnancy brain) are to blame for this newfound clumsiness.

Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do about it. The larger you get, the clumsier you may feel. Your best bet is to slow down and take your time, especially considering the risk of falls in late pregnancy can be dangerous.

While you are dealing with this coordination dilemma, you should also worry less about the looks of your footwear and more about the functionality they provide you. Look for comfortable and supportive footwear with rubber soles and supports for the arches of your feet. Avoid high heels, and any shoes that offer little support. Wearing good shoes during pregnancy is important and can help you avoid excess back pain and reduce the swelling in your feet.

If water retention is a problem for you, be sure to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Keep water on hand at all times so that you can be sure you aren’t dehydrating yourself. And if your feet or legs begin to swell, take time to sit down and put your feet up!

The good news is that the new cumbersome you is not permanent, and it comes for a good reason. Soon, you will have a clumsy little baby to look after, and you will return back to your normal, graceful self!

Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @Momspirational

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