Baby Shower Traditions: Helping Mum-to-be Prepare for Motherhood

Baby Shower Traditions: Helping Mum-to-be Prepare for Motherhood

Baby showers aren’t just about eating cake, playing party games and aahing over tiny baby grows. They’re about helping the mum-to-be to prepare for the birth and life as a new mum. As the big day approaches, many pregnant women start to feel scared or apprehensive about the birth. Make sure you use the baby shower to focus on the birth, and how great the mum-to-be in going to do. Below are some baby shower traditions that focus on the mum-to-be.

Belly casting

Much as she may say she hates it now, she will one day look back fondly at photos of her bump. By creating a belly cast, you can give her something more solid to remember it by. Belly casts can look great as ornaments, vases and garden planters. You can make the belly cast as part of the shower. Or, you can ask the mum-to-be to make the cast in advance, and then have the guests decorate it at the shower.

Henna bump art

Made famous by Alanis Morissette in 2010, henna bump art is a great activity for a baby shower. The mum-to-be will be able to relax while the henna is applied, and then admire the work after it’s done. Henna looks great and you can achieve very detailed and beautiful designs with it. You could also give each of the shower guests a small henna tattoo on their wrists in a show of support for the mum-to-be. This will remind them to think of the mum-to-be during her last few weeks of pregnancy. Take some photos of the henna bump art, and be sure to frame the best one and give it to the mum-to-be as a reminder of the party.

Beaded bracelet

This is a great way to help the mum-to-be feel supported during labour. A bracelet is made at the shower, and the mum-to-be should wear it during labour to remind her of her strong support system of friends and family. You can ask each guest to bring a bead to form the bracelet, or provide modeling clay and ask guests to make them at the shower. If any guests are unable to attend the shower, they should send their beads in the post before, along with a message to be read out on the day.

These are just a few traditions that are popular across the globe. You can adapt and change them to suit your mum-to-be. The important thing is that the mum-to-be leaves her shower feeling loved, supported and confident about the birth and motherhood.

Written by Fiona, proud owner of a toddler, @fiona_peacock

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