It’s Coming! The new ‘Pregnancy +’ update will soon be here!

It’s Coming! The new ‘Pregnancy +’ update will soon be here!

In a few weeks from now, a brand new iOS update of your Pregnancy app will be released.

Rather than sneak it out, we thought we’d let you take a look at some of the new improvement and features first.
We, at Health & Parenting, have spent the last 6 months working closely with our users, healthcare professionals and technical wizards to improve your favourite pregnancy app.

If you’re already one of our valued users it’ll update automatically in the next few weeks.

So what’s new? 7 things to look forward to:

1. The App will be what Apple call a ‘Universal App’, that means the app will work on both your iPad and iPhone.
2. Updated graphic style to feel in line with iOS7.
3. Optional Sign Up and login to ensure you never loose your data and your entries update across all your devices.
4. Improved tools and updated content.
5. Many more 2D and 3D ultrasound images.
6. Larger full screen images.
7. Upload your own belly photos.

More details to follow in a few days….

Team Health & Parenting