Fertility: Women who Delay Motherhood Urged to Freeze Eggs by 35

Fertility: Women who Delay Motherhood Urged to Freeze Eggs by 35

Nowadays, many women are driven by their careers that they delay their family life. Due to this trend, a leading surgeon advises young women to freeze small selections of their ovaries to avoid fertility problems when they choose to start a family in their 30s. This technique involves surgical removal of thin slivers of ovaries that contains thousands of eggs to be frozen indefinitely.

Costing roughly £4,000 / $6,000 USD this technique can offer a 40-year old woman the same level of fertility as someone half her age by removing a one-millimetre thin graft. The pioneer surgeon of the whole ovary transplant was carried out by Dr Sherman Silber in 2007. He assures that the procedure has no effect on the chance of naturally conception if the woman chose to conceive in the meantime. At present, Dr Sherman Silber and his team at St Louis Missouri has removed ovarian grafts from approximately 140 women.   

What is the main purpose of this technique?

The procedure was primarily designed to preserve the fertility of women who had to undergo cancer treatment. However, Dr Silber noted that many women were coming for the sole purpose of delaying their motherhood.

Over 60 women have already undergone ovarian grafts in order to fit in with their lifestyle. Some of them came at ages between 35 and 38 after they have broken up with their boyfriends of 8 to 10 years and are worried about conceiving in the future. Dr Silber encourages healthy women in their 20’s to consider this half-hour operation. They should think about it earlier when they have more healthy egg cells. Then, they can relax and not worry to have a baby when they desire so at 40.

IVF versus Ovarian Graft

The procedure could possibly replace In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) since the main cause of infertility among women over thirty years old was declining egg quality. These women do not need IVF after the treatment. The price of Ovarian Graft is also much less expensive than the cost that you will go through in numerous cycles of IVF.

Results of the Procedure

Although the number of ovarian grafts used by women to become pregnant is small, the clinic has already returned grafts to 11 women who have given birth to 12 babies. 23 babies have been born as a result of grafts worldwide across 7 clinics. 14 were born as products of frozen graft transplants, while 9 are from fresh grafts of identical sister donors.     

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