First look – 3 Big Improvements

First look – 3 Big Improvements

First look – 3 cool features in our new iOS update!

We are very excited to show you a preview of the new iOS iPhone update, which is only a week away from launch.

Here’s 3 improved features we’d like to share with you:

1. New Today Page

The Today Page will have much more dynamic content and notifications to help you see the important changes day by day. You will now have more information, relevant to you, giving you a snapshot of your current position on your exciting journey.

The background image is a beautiful, fluid image of your baby’s current stage.
Scroll up the screen to see a newsfeed style list of links to important changes and info within the app.
Links to the Daily Blog, headlines for your daily and weekly info, your favorite names, next appointment, things to do or buy.

2. Play – Interactive Weekly Images
We added a ‘Play’ section to allow you to view all 40 weeks and revel at your baby’s developments.
Our users have always loved the beautiful imagery, now it’s even better!

3. Improved Tools like Contraction Counter, Kick Counter and Weight Tracker
Easier to use and beautifully displayed, these very popular tools have been made simpler to use and more informative.

How will I get the new version?

Depending on your iPhone settings the App will automatically update. If not, you can update the App manually from the App store.

It would be great to hear your feedback – let us know what you think!
More details to follow shortly……..