Mother’s Day Around The World

Mother’s Day Around The World

Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world and provides opportunities for people to thank their moms for all of their hard work. After all, your mom is the person who gave you life, the person who cared for you as you grew up and probably still does today. It’s not an easy job and it’s definitely worth a thank you from time to time. Since you became a mom yourself, there have probably been quite a few moments where you’ve had the urge to call your own mom and say sorry or thank you. Until you’re a mom yourself, you can’t quite imagine just how much work goes into mothering.

Mothers are celebrated on Mother’s Day around the world, though different countries celebrate on different days. Presents are given, meals are shared and moms are generally made to feel special. After all, moms spend all year looking after their kids, no matter how old they might be, so this one day of rest is the very least moms deserve! Here are just a few Mother’s Day customs from around the world:


In Belgium, most moms get to enjoy breakfast in bed at the start of the day. It is traditional for the dad to buy fresh pastries or croissants and the kids will present this to the mom in bed. For the rest of the day, mom is pampered and allowed to relax and enjoy her day.


Mother’s Day is a big deal in Brazil. Is it typical for people to buy lavish gifts for their moms and to spend the day together enjoying good food. It is thought to be a commercially lucrative holiday as families come together to shower their moms with affected.


In Ethiopia, Mother’s Day is celebrated at the end of the rainy season. It is traditional for families to celebrate together by enjoying a feast. Children buy the ingredients, with girls bringing spices and vegetables whilst the boys traditionally bring meat. This food is then cooked into a hash and served by the mother. After the meal, there is singing and dancing for celebration.


In Indonesia, mothers typically receive flowers and gifts. Families come together to enjoy a celebratory meal and, most importantly, moms aren’t allowed to lift a finger around the house.


In Nepal, deceased mothers are also celebrated on Mother’s Day. It is customary for families to make a pilgrimage to the lakes to remember the mothers who are no longer with them. As well as this, people buy gifts and enjoy food with their moms.

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day?

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