Never lose your data again!

Never lose your data again!

Be rest assured – the new update is coming this week!

Soon the new iOS iPhone update will be available, depending on your phone settings the App may automatically update.
If not, you can update the App manually from the App store.

Here’s 3 more things to that will make it more useful to you.

1. One App works on both iPad and iPhone
The new app will be what’s called a ‘Universal App’. This means it’ll work on both your iPhone and iPad at no extra cost.
It’ll also sync your data and notes across both devices.

2. Optional sign-up and back-up of your data.
When you open the new app you’ll have the option* to sign up with either our own secure system or through social media sign-ins.
Make sure you sign up and we’ll ensure you never lose your data, photos or notes (even if you lose your phone)
*We, at Health & Parenting, believe in choice and you are not required to sign up.
But we hope you’ll enjoy the benefits of doing so!

3. Store your own belly photos!
Many of our users have requested the ability to take and store their belly photos. We’re pleased to say this is now possible!
Not only can you upload a monthly photo of your growing belly to the Belly section, but also attach images and notes to all 42 weeks.

4. New languages
Tell your friends that the App will now be available in French, Spanish and German.
We’ve also listened to our users and added both American and British spelling.
That means no more confusion as to why Labor is sometimes spelt Labour.

It would be great to hear your feedback – let us know what you think!

More details to follow shortly……..