The Royal Birth: What Are Your Name Predictions?

The Royal Birth: What Are Your Name Predictions?

The Duchess of Cambridge was admitted into hospital this morning in the early stages of labour. Kate and Prince William arrived at St Mary’s Hospital together this morning.

Although the Royal baby’s due date has never been confirmed, it was believed to be in mid-July, and it was reported late last week that Kate was overdue. It was feared that Kate, who was said to have wanted a natural birth, would need to be induced.

The future King or Queen will be born on the private Lindo wing of St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington. The birth will be overseen by the Royal gynecologist, Dr Marcus Setchell, who is believed to have postponed his retirement to deliver the Royal baby.

It was reported late in the pregnancy that Kate was hoping to have as natural a birth as possible. It was rumoured that Kate may be hoping to use hypnobirthing to help her avoid intervention in the delivery suite. Hypnobirthing, along with the breathing techniques Kate will have learnt through prenatal yoga, should help Kate to stay calm in the delivery suite.

It is expected that the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince Harry and the Middletons will be amongst the first to hear about the new arrival. An official public announcement will then be made by a Royal spokesperson to welcome the third in line to the throne.

The time that Kate went into labour has not been announced, but with the average time of a first labour currently between 12 and 14 hours, the Royal baby is likely to be born later today. It may be tomorrow morning before a public announcement is made.

The name selected for the Royal baby is likely to soar in popularity, and will undoubtedly shoot up the baby names chart in both the UK and USA.

What are your Royal baby name predictions?

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