Trapped Gas During Pregnancy

Trapped Gas During Pregnancy

Trapped gas is uncomfortable at the best of times, but this is especially true during pregnancy when space is already at a premium. Your digestive system slows down during pregnancy to allow your body to absorb as much nutrients as possible from your food, the downside to this is the gas. Trapped gas during pregnancy is a common complaint, and can be quite painful. Here are some ways to relieve gas during pregnancy:

1. Eat little and often – avoid filling up your stomach by eating little and often. This gives your body chance to process your food, without allowing for a build up of gas trapped in your digestive system.

2. Watch what you eat – try to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Make sure you eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and stay hydrated.

3. Avoid problem foods – sodas, beans and processed foods that are difficult for the body to digest, may be adding to your problems. Try cutting these out of your diet to see if you notice an improvement.

4. One mouthful at a time – try a slower pace during mealtimes. Instead of wolfing down your dinner, be mindful of each mouthful. By rushing your dinner, you increase the amount of air swallowed, which could be contributing to your trapped gas. Eat slower, and be careful not to swallow much air during each meal.

5. Keep track of it – if trapped gas is a recurring problem, try keeping a food journal. Write down everything you eat and when, and then make a note each time you suffer from trapped gas. You may notice a pattern arises pretty quickly, allowing you to cut the offending foods from your diet. It’s much easier to notice these patterns if they’re noted down.

6. Get into position – try kneeling on the ground, with your forehead touching the floor, and your bum lifted in the air. If you feel in pain, adopt this position for relief. The idea is that the gas will rise, allowing you to pass gas and feel more comfortable.

7. Drink peppermint tea – some women swear by this as a way of reducing trapped gas during pregnancy.

8. Get moving – you may find that regular exercise helps gas to travel smoothly through your digestive system. Try to exercise each day during pregnancy. During painful bouts of trapped gas, you may find that going for a walk helps to release the gas.

9. Speak to your pharmacist – there are a number of over-the-counter remedies available to treat trapped gas. Speak to your pharmacist to find out which ones are safe to use during pregnancy.

Have you been suffering from trapped gas during pregnancy?

Written by Fiona (@Fiona_Peacock), mother, writer and lover of all things baby related.

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