Enjoying Your First Overnight Getaway Without Baby

Enjoying Your First Overnight Getaway Without Baby

Although you love your baby more than you thought possible, the time will come when you might consider an overnight getaway without your little one. For example, you might want to enjoy a romantic night away from home to reconnect with your partner or a fun overnight trip with friends.

But how old should your baby be before you spend your first night apart? The answer is it’s entirely up to you. There is not a set timeframe on when to leave your baby overnight for the first time. You should spend the night apart from your baby when you feel you’re ready.

When you decide the time is right, in order to make the separation as easy as possible, it’s helpful to consider a few factors. For example, choosing a caregiver, such as a close family member, may ease your concerns. It’s also helpful to write down essential information, such as your baby’s feeding and sleep schedule, pediatrician contact information and activities your baby enjoys.

If possible, have your caregiver watch your baby in your home. While bringing your baby to grandma’s house is OK, it might be easier to keep your baby in his own surroundings. That way, you know you’ll baby will have everything he needs and his environment is baby proofed.

For moms who are still breastfeeding, going away for a day or two is still possible. Just pump enough milk in advance and make sure your baby is used to taking milk from a bottle.

When it comes time to head out, try to say goodbye without tears. Your baby may pick up on your emotions and also get upset. Remember, you’re leaving your baby in capable hands, and you’ll be back soon.

Don’t be surprised if you feel a range of emotions the first time you’re away from your baby for the night. For instance, you might feel excited to spend time alone with your partner or friends, but you might also feel a bit guilty for wanting that time. Keep in mind, a night or two away from your baby is nothing to feel guilty about. A quick getaway can help you recharge and have a little adult time.

It’s also natural to miss your little bundle while you’re away. Go ahead and Facetime or Skype to check in and see how your baby is doing. But also, take this opportunity to have a nice glass of wine if you choose, sleep in and have a little fun. After all, you earned it!

Written by Mary Ann DePietro@writerlady34

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