How to Buy a Maternity Bra

How to Buy a Maternity Bra

Your breasts may be one of the first clues you are pregnant. Breast tenderness is a common early sign of pregnancy that can start as early as week four. By week six, you may notice your breasts starting to get bigger. Over the course of the pregnancy, your breasts could increase by as many as four cup sizes. You may find that your band size increases too as your ribcage expands to make room for the growing baby. With all these changes afoot, you may be wondering how to buy a maternity bra that fits.

By the time you reach the end of the first trimester, you are likely to ready for your first maternity bra. Here are some helpful tips to help you find the right bra for you:

  • Get measured professionally – although you can try to do this yourself, it is much easier to be measured by a professional. You can pop into a high street store lingerie department, or use a specialist maternity bra fitting home visit service.
  • Double up – you’ll need to have at least two bras in circulation at any time. This allows you to wash one and wear the other. Many stores sell maternity bras in packs of two, often containing one black and one white bra.
  • Choose nursing bras – if you’re only twelve weeks pregnant, breastfeeding can seem a long distance away. You may not even have decided whether you want to breastfeed. It’s worth investing in nursing bras just in case, because it will avoid any further costs in the future if you do decide to breastfeed. Nursing bras offer the same support as maternity bras. Your breasts will continue to grow throughout the pregnancy, but these early nursing bras should fit you post-pregnancy as your body starts to return to normal.
  • Room to grow – by opting for maternity bras with adjustable hooks at the back, you will increase the length of time the bra will fit for. Many maternity bras now have at least four rows of fasteners at the back to provide value for money.
  • Sport support – if you have a pregnancy exercise regime, it is worth investing in a maternity sports bra. These offer extra support that will best suit your body’s needs during pregnancy. If you choose a non-padded bra, you may also find these useful during the early days of breastfeeding when comfort will be key.
  • Bra budget – you will probably need two shopping trips to buy maternity bras. As you enter the second trimester, you will probably need to invest in your first maternity bras. As the pregnancy progresses, your breasts will continue to grow. By the time you reach the final month of pregnancy, you will probably need to invest in some bigger bras. Although it may feel like an unnecessary expense to buy bras close to the end of your pregnancy, you will use them after the birth too. It takes time for your breasts to return to normal, especially if you are breastfeeding. Over the course of pregnancy and breastfeeding, you will probably need to buy at least five bras. You should include this in your budgeting plan for the baby, so that the money is there when you need it.
  • Sex appeal – maternity bras don’t have to be unflattering. There are lots of different patterns and styles available. From leopard print, to black lace, you should be able to find a bra that makes you feel sexy. Remember though, comfort should be your first priority.

Written by Fiona (@Fiona_Peacock), mother, writer and lover of all things baby related.

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