I Swore I’d Never …

I Swore I’d Never …

One day, I caught myself yelling, “If you lick your sister one more time ….” Did I really utter those words? And, loud enough that the neighbors likely heard me? Sometimes, I hear my own mother’s voice when I say, “cut it out” – cut what out, my kids probably think, or more likely, where are the scissors? Apart from things I say, I know there are things I do that I never would have imagined before having kids.

Here are 20 things I’ve heard parents swear they would never do but can’t help doing now that they have small children:

  1. I’d never eat food dropped on the floor. (OK – well maybe only at home.)
  2. I would never let my kids eat that. (whether “that” is candy, chocolate, dog food … I mean, it happens ….)
  3. I’d never hold a fussy baby for the entire day – she’s going to spoil that baby!
  4. My child would never throw a tantrum like that in public.
  5. I’d never offer my toddler M&Ms as a reward for pottying.
  6. I’d never let my baby (toddler? preschooler?) sleep in my bed.
  7. My children will all sleep through the night.
  8. I’m never having another baby. (This goes along with “We are never having sex again.”)
  9. I would never let my toddler have a pacifier once he’s walking.
  10. I’d never let my baby use me as a pacifier.
  11. I’d never breastfeed a baby who has teeth.
  12. I’d never breastfeed a child who can talk and ask for it.
  13. I’ll never let my kids watch [fill in the blank] on television (or even watch TV at all).
  14. I will never say, “because I said so” to my children.
  15. I will never say, “when I was your age” to my kids.
  16. I would never go out of the house looking like that.
  17. I will never wear mom jeans (or yoga pants or sweatpants).
  18. I’d never let my child dress that way.
  19. I would never change my plans because of my kids.
  20. I would never let my kids rule me that way.

Next time you catch yourself in one of these statements, step back and think about your own biases and actions. Then give the parents – or yourself – a break. Parenting is hard enough without the judgment of others. All parents need support – you’re all in the same boat.

What about you – what are you doing that you swore you’d never do?

Written by Michelle, childbirth instructor, lactation consultant, and mother to 4 busy kids

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