Photographing Birth? Should You Do it?

Photographing Birth? Should You Do it?

We live in technological world. Today, it is nearly impossible to take a trip to the store without the viable concern that you may be videotaped by some stranger with a smartphone. We take more pictures and videos today than any other generation has. Ever. And this ease of technology that makes it simple to capture life’s moments one by one, and post them online for friends and family to see within minutes, has definitely made its appearance in the delivery room.

Most women log their pregnancy through pictures that show the beautiful and sometimes subtle transitions of the female body. It is also becoming increasingly popular for to-be parents to hire fancy birth photographers to show up during labor and delivery to document birth from beginning to end.  (Of course, all the photography will be edited with soft filters afterwards so no one sees your wincing and “ugly birth face.” But is it birth photography for you?

Today, there is a whole new breed of birth photographers who require hefty deposits, and who are willing to trek into the delivery room with you to record your experiences there for all posterity. They will catch every sound, every beautiful movement of your body, every expression of your loved ones as they wait for their lives to change with the birth of your baby. And then, they will edit these moments providing you with a beautiful keepsake. One of the nice results, is that often life is moving so fast while you are giving birth that YOU miss out on many things that are going on. The expression on your partner’s face. Hearing the first sound of your baby. Watching them get their first bath that will make them smell so shiny and new. The cutting of the umbilical cord. If you want to be able to see these things, then you should consider labor and delivery birth photography.

Or, you can be more traditional and have some family members snap a few shots, and hope that your memory of the day will suffice for the rest of your life. For some people, having strangers and extras in the delivery room is not something they want. After all, you never know how it is going to go, and having your legs up in stirrups while your baby crowns doesn’t always make for the perfect wall art for the family room.

Truth is, only you can decide what is right for you.  If you want to go the full route and hire a birth photographer, you need to start planning before your third trimester. These folks live off a beeper, and can only be in one place at one time. If you want to preserve memories with pictures and videos, but prefer a more private setting – then ask a loved one or a good friend (a very good friend) to handle the pictures and videography for you.

One thing that I, as an experienced mother, would advise is to bring some make-up and hair accessories to the hospital, along with an attractive shirt so that you can get some stunning shots of you and your baby in the hours and days that follow your first physical meeting. These will definitely be pictures and moments that you will treasure for the rest of your life. And, you only have one chance to make this happen.

Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @Momspirational

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