Popular Baby Names for 2013

Popular Baby Names for 2013

Are you expecting a baby this year? Naming your baby is the first major decision that you make as parents. Since there are baby names as many as the stars in the night sky, finding the right one for your child may take some time. To help you with this important milestone, here are some baby name trends that will be prominent this 2013.

Top Searched Baby Names for Girls and their Meanings

1. Millie – industrious, gentle, and strong.
2. Ann – “God has favoured me”
3. Charlotte – free
4. Emma – entire, universal
5. Ella – foreign
6. Isabella – “God’s promise”
7. Sookie – lily
8. Eithne – kernel
9. Ellie – noble, famous warrior, sunshine
10. Betty – God’s promise

Top Searched Baby Names for Boys and their Meanings

1. Jacob – substitute
2. Mo – dark-skinned
3. Gus – staff of the Goths
4. Aiden ­– little fire
5. Liam – strong-willed warrior
6. Ted – divine gift
7. Max – greatest
8. Bertie – noble, bright, famous
9. Andy – man, warrior
10. Ned – wealthy protector

Celebrity Baby Names

Three celebrities have chosen names that geographic in nature. Reese Witherspoon named her son Tennessee in honour of her home state. Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey both named their sons after African countries: Egypt and Morocco respectively.

A celeb boy “it” name for 2013 is Camden, an edgy pick which means winding alley. Other celebrities also pick colours as their inspiration. Beyonce name her daughter blue ivy while Alicia Silverstone named her son Bear Blu. Drew Barrymore picked Olive and Jennifer Garner named her sweet daughter Violet.

Short and Sweet Baby Names

Many of the top searched baby names have one thing in common – they are three to four letters long. One of the top searches was for one-syllable names, meaning new parents may want to give formal names a boot, such as Ted for Theodore and Andy instead of Andrew.

When choosing baby names for your child, it is important to consider some factors such as sound and compatibility, uniqueness, relatives and friends, ancestry and heritage, initials and nicknames, and meaning. However, the main criteria should always be that you and your partner like it!

Remember these names are closely tied to the identity of your child. So, make sure that you pick a name that will not make your baby a laughing stock when he or she grows up.

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