Can My Baby Feel My Partner During Sex?

Can My Baby Feel My Partner During Sex?

Chances are you or your partner have worried about whether or not having sex while you are pregnant would hurt your baby. The truth is that there are men all over this world that believe their penis is so large, that having sex with their pregnant partner will lead to some sort of permanent brain damage or deformation to the unborn baby, or they worry that the baby can actually feel their penis during sex. Sure, this may be an embarrassing question to ask – but in truth, it is only one of hundreds of natural pregnancy concerns felt by expectant parents.

While this may be a blow to male pride, the reality is that according to health professionals around the globe, there is not a penis large enough to actually touch or harm the baby during intercourse – even if the penis does reach the cervix.

The American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology says that as long as you are having a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy, sex during pregnancy is 100% safe, even in the third trimester. They also suggest to use your body as a guide, and that if a woman is comfortable in certain sexual positions without feeling pain or discomfort, than this is a sign that the baby is fine as well.

If your partner is worried that penetration will harm or touch your unborn baby, you need to inform him that the baby is fully protected in an amniotic fluid, and that the mucous plug located at the cervix, protects the baby from feeling any bumps or jolts during intercourse. Even if your partner is well endowed, there is no chance that he is large enough to cause any sort of damage to the baby during sex.

Often times, men become leery of sex during pregnancy because they feel that the baby will ‘know’ what is going on, or be able to feel their penis during sex. Three makes a crowd, right?  You should know that it is normal for men to shy away from intercourse for this very reason, and that it has nothing to do with how your partner feels about you. If you are feeling amorous, all you can do is (kindly) reassure your partner that everything will be okay (even forward him this article if you need to).

This of course doesn’t mean that pregnancy is the time to experiment with sex toys, or engage in rough sex – however routine intimacy is perfectly healthy if both you and your partner are willing. And there is no need to worry that you will physically or emotionally scar your baby for life.

Written By Stef, Mom of 4@MOM-SPIRATIONAL

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