Am I Pregnant with Twins?

Am I Pregnant with Twins?

If twins run in the family, you may be interested to find out if you are pregnant with twins. You may not find out whether you are carrying twins until your dating scan, which usually takes place sometime around weeks nine to 11. If that seems like too long to wait, you can have a look at the questions below to see whether you could be carrying twins.

1. Does your bump look big in this?
At each prenatal appointment, your healthcare provider will measure your bump. This allows them to track your baby’s growth, and detect potential problems early on. If you’re carrying twins, you may be measuring large for your stage of pregnancy. This is because there are two babies inside you, so your uterus will be expanding at an increased rate.

2. Are you headed for the toilet?
Morning sickness is a common complaint of pregnancy, and is caused by the rapidly increasing hormones during early pregnancy. Some, but not all, twin-mums suffer from excessive morning sickness thanks to all those pesky hormones.

3. Are you asleep right now?
Twin-mums often report experiencing fatigue during the first trimester. Fatigue is a common symptom of pregnancy, but you are believed to have an increased risk of it during multiple pregnancies. Your babies go through rapid development during the first trimester, and this is when all of the major organs and placenta are formed, so it’s no wonder you’re exhausted.

4. Are you piling on the pounds?
The days hellof eating for two (or three) are long gone, and you should be sure to monitor your weight during pregnancy. Eating a healthy, balanced diet, and taking regular exercise can help to keep your weight in check. Twin-mums are advised to put on up to 10 lbs more than their single-pregnancy friends. You may find your weight increasing during those early weeks if you are pregnant with multiples.

5. Did your midwife find an extra heartbeat?
At each prenatal check, your healthcare provider will use a doppler to listen to your baby’s heartbeat. Your healthcare provider will be checking the speed and regularity of the heartbeat, to make sure your baby is developing well. You healthcare provider will be able to pick up both yours and your baby’s heartbeat using the doppler. If they locate a third heartbeat, you are having twins. Most heartbeats can be heard towards the end of the first trimester, though some may be located weeks earlier.

Are you pregnant with twins, and if so, what gave it away?

Written by Fiona (@Fiona_Peacock), mother, writer and lover of all things baby related.

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