Alternative Feminine Products

Tampons and disposable menstrual pads may hog the market when it comes to feminine care, but they aren’t the only products at your disposal. When Aunt Flo pays a visit, many women rely on whatever their local store has to offer in the way of feminine care.

Disposable feminine care products are, of course, disposed of after a single use, and this means they’re not particularly kind to the environment. It also means they’re not kind on your purse, because you have to keep buying new. If you’re looking for an affordable, eco alternative to tampons and disposable menstrual pads, check out the following Alternative Feminine Products:

Cloth Sanitary Pads
These washable cloth pads can be used time and time again. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs, and can be bought relatively cheaply. They contain less chemicals than disposable pads, are less likely to cause skin irritations, and produce less landfill waste than disposable pads. They are convenient to use and can simply be washed in your washing machine at home.

The downside to cloth sanitary pads is that you can’t just throw them away, so if you’re out and about, you’ll need to take used towels home with you for washing. It’s not a huge deal, all you need is a small wash bag, but it’s certainly less convenient that leaving your used pad in the cubicle bin.

Menstrual Cups
Reusable menstrual cups are inserted internally to catch the menstrual flow. You simply need to remove the cup, and empty it out every so often. Depending on your flow, you may be able to empty it just every 12 hours. If you’re able to, you can rinse it under a tap, but there’s no harm in simply emptying it out in a public restroom and re-inserting it without a rinse, meaning it’s convenient when out and about. There are a number of brands to choose from, and the cups are available in different sizes.

Fans of the menstrual cup rave about the lack of odour, because blood only smells when exposed to oxygen, leaving menstrual cup users odour free during their periods. Cotton feminine products absorb natural fluids other than menstrual fluid which can lead to discomfort during your period. Menstrual cups don’t do this, and some switchers report experiencing a noticeable reduction in discomfort once using a cup.

One thing that puts women off the idea of menstrual cups is the price, which, though it will save you money in the long run, can seem like a big investment for a product you’ve never tried. It can also take a while to get your insertion skills just right, meaning they may seem like a hassle for the first cycle or so while you figure out what you’re doing.

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