Music and Your Baby’s Development

Who doesn’t love a good tune? Music can be both calming and energizing. It can change your mood and help you relax. Guess what? It can have the same effects on your baby, but that’s not all. Research has shown that music can play an important role in many aspects of your baby’s development.

You may have already discovered the power of music when you try to help your little one settle down for a nap. In fact, playing soft music or singing a lullaby can be a great part of your nighttime routine.

But music does not only have a relaxing effect. It can also play a role in your baby’s cognitive development. Studies show that music can help babies learn about sequencing and patterns, as well as counting. Music may also enhance memory even in children. Research indicates that babies as young as eight months old were able to recognize parts of a song a couple of weeks after hearing it.

As your little one gets a bit older, music may also help your baby develop motor skills, balance, coordination and body awareness. Music can be an integral part of activities and games that enhance creativity and language skills. When you sing to your baby, you introduce new words and it also helps your baby develop listening skills.

While there are studies that suggest playing classical music for your baby may increase their intelligence, you don’t have to stick to Mozart or Bach for your baby to benefit from having music be a part of their life. Just singing to your baby is beneficial for their overall development. Whether you sing in perfect pitch or can’t quite carry a tune, don’t worry about it, your baby won’t care.

There are also a lot of additional ways to incorporate music into your baby’s routine. For example, have a jam session with your baby using a makeshift drum, rattle or a toy instrument.

Sing silly songs together that incorporate hand movements, such as the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Play music you enjoy and dance around with your baby in your arms. If you prefer a group atmosphere, there are also private companies that offer mommy and baby music classes.

Keep in mind, babies are receptive to music from an early age, so it’s never too early to start incorporating music into your baby’s life. Whether you’re playing with makeshift instruments or singing a song, enjoying music together is a great way to bond and have fun.

Written by MaryAnn DePietro @ writerlady34

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