5 Things That May Have Surprised You about Being a Mom

How can one little person change things so much? From practical matters, such as how much laundry there is, to the new respect you have for your mom, becoming a mom (or dad) is a life changing experience. While you probably expected some of the changes, a few things may have surprised you, such as the following:

The fatigue: Everyone has experienced fatigue. In the past, you might have pulled an all-nighter studying or hanging out with friends. But new mom fatigue is a whole different story. What’s even more surprising is how you can still function on such little sleep. Sure, maybe you can’t remember your partner’s name, but you’re still hanging in there. 

How tough getting out of the house can be: In your pre-baby days, you just grabbed your keys, purse and cell phone and hopped in your car. Now, not so fast. There are bags to pack and a little person to dress. Not to mention the times you’re just about to walk out the door, and your baby spits up all over himself. Face it, once you have a baby, you’ll never be on time again. Well, not really. But gone are the days of just getting up and going.

You do know what you’re doing: Before your baby was born, you might have worried you wouldn’t do things right. Insecurity about being a good parent is normal for rookie moms and dads. After all, you have to completely care for a baby who can’t tell you what he needs. How are you supposed to know what to do? Somehow you just do. Some things may be instinct, other things you figure out. In time, your confidence grows, and you realize, you got this!

The love: Of course, you knew you would love your baby. But you might not have been prepared for just how much you love him, and your heart will continue to swell as time goes on. The bond between parents and their children is often one of the strongest connections there is.

How you find joy in the small things: Before becoming a mom, a new outfit or a night on the town may have made you happy. Now nothing compares to the joy you find in the little things, such as watching your partner sing to your baby or your little one’s first smile or giggle. Enjoy those moments as much as you can. Because pretty soon, something else will surprise you; how fast it all goes by.

Written by MaryAnn DePietro @writerlady34

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