Five Baby Firsts You’ll Never Forget

Your first year as a parent, there is a lot to learn. Each day may bring something new. There are so many new experiences to share and lots of firsts to enjoy. Although you’ll have a lot of precious memories, there are some baby firsts you’ll never forget.

The first time your baby smiles: You may have waited for it for a few weeks and when it happens, it will melt your heart. Your baby’s first real smile is precious. When your baby was a newborn, he may have made facial expressions that kind of looked like a smile. But you were unsure if it was gas or something else. But somewhere around a month, your little one will flash you his first real social smile. His first smile not only makes you both light up, but it’s also a sign his social skills are developing.

The first laugh: If you thought the first smile was cute, wait until the first time your baby chuckles. Once you hear that sweet sound, you’ll do everything in your power to get a cute belly laugh out of your baby. Although it can vary, most babies laugh for the first time between three and four months.

The first time she sleeps through the night: After months of getting up with your baby, the first time she sleeps through the night is something to be excited about. Sleeping through the night might just be for six hours straight. But you’ll take it! When can you expect this delightful milestone? Every baby is different, so there is not an exact timetable. But most babies sleep through the night by about six months.

First words: Up until now, your baby may be “talking’ by babbling, blowing raspberries and making other sounds. But somewhere  between eight and 12 months, you may hear your baby’s first real word. Her first word may even be “mama” or “dada.” Whatever her first word is, it’s a milestone to remember. When it happens, remember to put it in her baby book.

The first step: One of the most memorable firsts, it your baby’s first step. Your little cruiser may have gone from rolling over, to crawling to standing up in his first year. But his first step may even be a little more anticipated. His cute little toddling step will not only make your proud, but it might also make you tear up a little. Your baby’s first step is a move towards independence.

There is an old saying “Babies don’t keep and time is a thief.” It simply means your baby grows up fast, and life moves quickly. So enjoy these wonderful firsts and savor every memory.

Written by Mary Ann DePietro @writerlady34

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