5 Things You Need to Make it the Best First Birthday Party Ever

Your baby is turning one. This is a huge milestone for both of you. Your beautiful little baby is entering toddlerhood and you are finally able to celebrate making it through the first year of parenthood. You did it! You’ve probably changed around 2,500 diapers over the past 12 months. You’ve slept just a few hours at a time, and have lost over a month’s worth of sleep. Ok, it might not sound like much to celebrate, but you survived and so did your baby. You both deserve a party after all of that.

It doesn’t seem like two minutes since you were cradling that perfect little bundle in your arms for the first time. Yet here you are, planning the first birthday party to end all first birthday parties. After all, your baby deserves an extra special celebration for her first ever birthday. Here are five things you need to make it the best first birthday party ever:

  1. Guests

No party would be complete without a collection of friends and family members to swoon over your little girl. That doesn’t mean you have to invite every single one of your Facebook friends. In fact, too big a party could be overwhelming for your baby. A first birthday party guest list is all about quality rather than quantity. If you want to avoid an overcrowded room, you could consider splitting the celebration in two. One party for your baby’s friends, and a separate celebration another day for family members.

  1. Entertainment

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a talented magician or Elsa impersonator. Babies are pretty easily pleased. Bubbles are always a hit, so invest in a number of bubble pots and let the guests entertain the babies for you. You probably have a house full of toys, so there’s no need to buy anything new for the party. A ball pit is guaranteed to be well received by babies and toddlers alike, so get hold of one of those if you can. Beach balls, rattles and musical instruments are also great party props to have lying around.

  1. Music

A great playlist is the key to any party. Luckily for you, your baby isn’t yet old enough to demand Let it go and Old MacDonald just yet, and that means you’ll have full control over the music. There’s really no need to stick to children’s classics, you can choose whatever music you like. The babies will be just as happy listening to Beyoncé as they will to a Disney Princess compilation. One day, your baby will be old enough to take on the role of DJ, and you’ll be forced to endure hours of kid’s music, but today is not that day.

  1. Snacks

Babies love eating. If you want to throw a party the guests will enjoy, make sure you put on a spread. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune, a simple arrangement of fruit and vegetable crudites will probably be enough to satisfy most of your younger guests. Serve a selection of your baby’s favorite foods and make sure you have enough to go round. You should also make sure you have food and drinks on offer for the adults at the party. Again, you don’t need to blow through your budget, a simple snack buffet will be more than enough.

  1. Fizz

Children’s birthday parties can be ever so stressful. They’re noisy, chaotic and bags of fun. By the end of it all, you’ll be ready for a drink so make sure you have a bottle of fizz waiting for you in the fridge. Once your baby is tucked up in bed, exhausted after celebrating her first birthday, it’s time for you to celebrate. You did it! You threw an awesome birthday party for your little girl. You got through the first year unscathed, and you have raised a beautiful baby girl. If that doesn’t deserve a glass of bubbly, what does?

How are you planning to celebrate the momentous first birthday?

Written by Fiona (@Fiona_Peacock), mother, writer and lover of all things baby related.

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