Baby’s First Haircut: 6 Top Tips

Get your tissues at the ready, it’s time for baby’s first haircut. Or, at least, it might be if your baby has a full head of hair. If your baby is still modeling the slap head look, fear not, the hair will grow in time but it might take a little longer for your darling baldilocks (don’t worry, I totally feel your pain, my daughter was completely bald until she was two years old).

If your baby has a head full of unruly hair, you’re probably more than ready for a trip to the salon. After all, much as those bald baby moms moan about the blinding shine coming off their babies’ heads, at least they don’t have to try and untangle the mane on their baby every morning. Here are some top tips for your baby’s first haircut:

  1. Lower your expectations

You want to run into the salon with a folder filled with adorable baby do’s cut straight from the pages of fashion magazines, but it’s better to go in for a simple trim. And don’t expect the haircut to be perfect, babies are not the easiest clients to work with!

  1. Timing is everything

Your baby has a long life of haircuts ahead of her, so you need to make sure she enjoys her first trip. Timing is everything, make sure your baby is well rested, well fed and in a good mood for your trip to the salon. If your baby is unwell or grumpy, you risk it becoming a very stressful outing.

  1. It’s a numbers game

It’s just a trip to the hairdressers, but it’ll be a much easier outing if there are two adults there to provide entertainment. Your baby will need to sit on your lap during the haircut so it’s worth inviting someone else along to provide entertainment and keep baby happy during the cut. Since a baby’s first haircut is a pretty big deal, why not make it a family day out? Invite dad along and then head out for a family lunch afterward.

  1. Treat yourself

A great way of showing your baby that a haircut is nothing to fear is by modeling this for her. Why not book a double appointment so you can get your own hair cut at the same time? Your accompanying adult can keep the baby entertained during your trim and then it’ll be time for your baby to have her cut.

  1. Take spare clothes

As you’ll know from your own haircuts, hair can end up everywhere. Save your baby the horror of an itchy afternoon by packing a change of clothes for her.

  1. Don’t forget your camera

The very first haircut. Those beautiful baby curls, gone. There will be tears, yours most likely. Make sure you take your camera so you can snap some before and after shots of your beautiful baby on the day of her first haircut.

Has your baby had her first haircut or are you in the bald babies club?

Written by Fiona (@Fiona_Peacock), mother, writer and lover of all things baby related.

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