Baby Shower Gifts You Really Want

If you are having a baby shower, then chances are you have strolled through a local store and made up a list of all the things you want for your baby. Typically, on this baby shower list or registry are a plethora of things like diapers and wipes, baby clothes, a baby monitor, a swing or stroller and receiving blankets. The reality is, however, that most of what you receive during your baby shower become nothing more than nursery art that your baby will soon outgrow. Then what? Typically when people create a baby shower registry they are thinking of the newborn phase. But take it from a mom who has been there, this is perhaps the shortest phase of your child’s life and a newborn in actuality requires very little to be happy.

(And for the record, no baby in the world needs 45 receiving blankets.)

The following are some baby shower gifts you really want to put on your registry, and some clever ideas for those looking to give something special to the ‘mom-to-be’ in their life.

1. How about a GIFT for mom? A gift card for a pregnancy massage, or for a pedicure (because she certainly cannot reach her toes) are great presents. Every woman wants to show up in the delivery room with at the very least, her feet looking stellar, right? While the baby shower is ABOUT the baby, it never hurts to give a little something to the mom as well. Another great idea is some nice pajamas to wear in the hospital so she won’t be in an ugly hospital gown during all the pictures that will be taken during the first few hours and days after delivery.

2. LARGER size diapers. Your baby will grow fast. The newborn and size 1 diapers will be obsolete after the first few weeks. Rather than load up on little diapers that you will then have to return later – register for size 3 and size 4 diapers. Typically, your baby will be in this size for the longest period of time. And, while people are very helpful in the beginning of your child’s life by providing you with things like diapers, all that ‘assistance’ tends to disappear when your newborn becomes a baby.

3. Clothes in 6-12 month size. Your newborn will be happiest in the simplest clothing. Yes, it sounds fun to dress up your little girl in a dress and headband, but the fun wears off when you realize just how cranky a newborn can be when they are not comfortable (and how hard they are to change in frilly clothes). Onesies are fine, but if you really want to help a mother to be out, get her USEFUL clothes for the future.

4. Laundry detergent. Baby laundry detergents, like Dreft, are the heavenly scents of a baby. But they are also very expensive compared to other laundry detergents. Keep in mind just how much laundry one baby can leave behind – and you will quickly realize how much money will be spent on baby laundry detergents. It might not be the ‘fanciest’ gift at the party – but it certainly will be appreciated in the months to come.

5. Toys NOT for a newborn. Newborns don’t play with toys. They play with their toes. If you want to give a baby a toy, then think ahead and buy one designed for a 6 to 18 month old, because that is when the baby will actually use toys. (Plus, mom and dad will be broke by then from buying diapers and will appreciate having the toys on hand).

6. A gift card for portraits. Face it, newborns aren’t the cutest things in the world. But give them a few weeks to grow into themselves and they become adorable. A great present is to give the expecting family a gift card for family portraits that they can use once the baby can hold his or her own head up, and mom has returned to resemble some of her pre-pregnancy self.

7. A gift card. Yes, just a simple gift card or cash would be great. It may not be very personal, but THIS is exactly what every new family will really need. Remember, according to statistics it costs nearly half a million dollars to raise a child in today’s economy.

Written By Stef, Mother of 4@MOM-SPIRATIONAL

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