10 Baby Products You Shouldn’t Be Without

You probably have plenty of new baby products that you’ve realized over the last few months you didn’t actually need. Sure, the wipes warmer is nice, but your little one doesn’t even really seem to notice the difference when you’re out and about and dare to use un-warmed wipes.

Which begs the question, what products do you need? And what should you be stocking up on as your little one becomes more mobile and nears the solid foods stage?

  1. Video Monitor: So technically, a video monitor isn’t a necessity. But ask any mom who has one, and they will tell you how much they love it. It’s just nice to be able to look in on your baby without having to barge into their room. And as your little one gets older, being able to have that eagle eye view will come in even more handy!
  2. Quality Stroller: You’ve gotten passed the no-sleep early months, and now it’s time to start using some of that energy you’re regaining to get outside and take care of yourself! Regular walks for you and baby will do you wonders.
  3. Baby Carrier: Still, you can’t always bring a stroller with you everywhere you go. Investing in a quality baby carrier will give you a hands free way to keep your baby with you, even if you’re just doing chores around the house.
  4. Books: If you haven’t started reading to your baby yet, now is the time to begin working that into your nightly routine. They say one of the best predictors for future literacy is being read to regularly as a child.
  5. Convertible Car Seat: You may still be using your bucket seat, but in the months to come, your baby will be outgrowing the height and weight requirements for that. Now is the time to start looking into convertible seat options.
  6. Lovie: Your baby is right at the age that he or she will begin developing attachments to toys and blankets. And you want them to have that attachment—a connection with a lovie can mean your baby is more likely to self-soothe at night.
  7. Teething toys: Those teeth are coming in, and your baby is going to be looking for options to gnaw on.
  8. Bucket Bib: Solid foods are just around the corner. A bucket bib will help to catch what doesn’t make it into your baby’s mouth, which can make cleanup so much easier for you.
  9. Fresh Food Feeder: These little mesh feeders are perfect for killing two birds with one stone! Put some frozen berries in the feeder, and your baby will get a solid foods introduction and a teething pain soother!
  10. Hand Sanitizer: Because… duh. You’re changing diapers and wiping noses all the time. Hand sanitizer should be with you always.

Written by Leah Campbell, infertility advocate, adoptive mama, writer and editor. Find me @sifinalaska on Twitter.

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