My Baby Bump Is NOT Big Enough

Do people make comments to you that you don’t even look pregnant, or that you don’t look big enough to be 6 months along? Does everyone seem to have some sort of random opinion about the size of your belly, how you are carrying – or what your pregnant self looks like?

Seriously, when it comes to pregnant women – it seems that the world around them loses its filter. And often, the health of a pregnancy and the size of a baby is outwardly determined by how big your baby bump is. When Princess Kate was pregnant, the media was constantly talking about how tiny she was (only to comment that she still had a baby bump 24 hours after delivery). Really!?

Eventually, people commenting on the fact that you are not big enough, or that you are too big – can cause some unnecessary worry on your part. You might worry that being small means your baby is unhealthy, or that your baby is not growing properly. You may think you need to be eating more. You may even feel ‘less pregnant’ than other women who are seemingly waddling around in their pregnant glory.

The harsh reality is that you have prenatal check ups for a reason. And your health care provider is the only one who should be commenting on whether the size of your belly is too big, too small or just right!

Another reality is that each and every woman carries differently. Depending on your frame and on your genetics, and whether or not you have been pregnant in the past, you may show at 11 weeks or not really be showing until 5 months along. And as long as you taking care of yourself nutritionally, following the orders of your healthcare provider and progressing as expected you have nothing to worry about.

Pregnancy is quite often the first time in your life that you will realize just how much advice and commentary the world around you has to give. Consider this a time of prepping yourself for the realities of parenthood where you will have to follow your own judgments, make your own rules about what is right or wrong for your child and your family, and believe in your decisions without constantly ruminating about the albeit well-intended, annoying commentary from the rest of the world.

Your baby bump is what it is – and underneath it lies the person who will now hold your heart and soul. Be proud of your belly whether it is as round as a basketball, or as petite as a cantaloupe and stop allowing yourself to be compared to other women. You are you!

Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @Momspirational

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