5 Common Pregnancy Worries

Pregnancy is a time of happiness and joy. But it can also be a time of great worry and stress. Once you become pregnant, you automatically become a mother and develop the sense of worry and anxiety that is typical with motherhood.

Worrying during pregnancy is perfectly normal. In fact, your worries are just a side effect of the love that you already feel for your baby. If you find that your worries are excessive, cause immense anxiety, or that you are unable to stay focused on anything else or feel depressed, you should check with your practitioner for help.

The following are 5 common pregnancy worries that are fairly routine for ALL pregnant women at some point or another.

1. Will my baby be healthy? Of course, you want a healthy baby. And unfortunately, when you become pregnant and start reading so much material about ‘what could go wrong’ it is only natural to worry that your baby may not be healthy. Sometimes too much information is a bad thing. Just relax, follow your doctor’s orders, and try not to worry about your baby’s health unless your physician gives you a reason to.

2.  Will I be a good mother? The closer you get to delivery, the more you will worry about whether you will be a good mother or not. The most important ingredient in being a good mother is LOVE. Sure, you will make mistakes. You will find yourself not knowing what to do at times. The best advice is to follow your heart and your instincts and trust yourself to do what is best for your baby. Also, remember that no mom is perfect.

3. Will labor hurt? Fear and worries about labor and delivery are natural. Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time. It’s completely natural and your body knows what to do. Avoid listening to horror stories from ‘well-meaning’ others and repeat the mantra, “I can do this!” Once it’s over, you will wonder why you were so worried.

4. Will my water break in public? Truth is, according to statistics, most women have to have their bag of waters broken during labor. Sure, there are certainly some women who are walking through the grocery store and feel a sudden gush of amniotic fluid. The thing is if it happens to you, chances are you won’t be worried about what other people are thinking. You will be worried about getting to the hospital and it will make a fond memory to look back on.

5. Will I lose my baby weight? Too many women stress about weight gain, and their post-partum body. We say, enjoy this time. Eat healthily, and take care of yourself. Your body may never be exactly as it was before you had your baby – but chances are you will love and appreciate your body more than ever.

Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @Momspirational

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