Vivid Dreams During Pregnancy

Vivid dreams during pregnancy are a very common complaint of women, especially during the last trimester. Many women dream in such vivid color, and have dreams filled with so much angst, worry and fret that are not only realistic but bizarre, that they wonder if their subconscious is trying to tell them something. Is there something wrong with the baby?  Does the dream where you lost your newborn at the shopping mall mean you are going to be a bad mother? Was the nightmare about your mother-in-law trying to kill you in your sleep a sign that she secretly hates you?

The answer to all of these questions is NO! The human brain is such a beautifully and intricately designed organ, that we will never fully understand its capabilities. And dreaming is just one way that the brain helps us to deal with our lives on a deeper level. Often, the things that we dream about are just our brains way of helping us deal with anxiety or worries that we may be experiencing in the moment. Sure, some of the dreams can seem extreme and can be terrifying, but it is just a natural way of dealing with things that are on your mind.

You may also have vivid dreams during pregnancy that seemingly have nothing to do with you or your baby (or your in-laws). For instance dreams about falling, or running away, are often dreams about your personal freedom. Dreams about being put in jail for a crime you didn’t commit, or dreams about falling, are often actually about your sense of control.

One of the most common pregnancy dreams that woman find disturbing are ones in which they see their baby depicted as some sort of alien, or is otherwise disfigured. These too, are perfectly normal and don’t mean that there is anything wrong with your baby. In fact, the visual picture of our baby and their overall health is a natural concern of many pregnant mothers. Your vivid dreams are simply your brains way of helping you to deal with these feelings during deep sleep.

You may also experience dreams that include water (amniotic fluid), flowers, butterflies, small animals and other parts of nature that echo the changes that your body (and your baby) are going through during pregnancy.

Of course the panicky dreams are much more problematic for most people, because they worry that they signify that something is wrong. The truth is that your dreams are merely a natural way for you to deal with stressful situations and changes in your life during deep sleep. Rather than worry or fret that your dreams are ominous, try to figure out what is bothering you at your subconscious level and then deal with it during your waking hours.

You can also keep a dream diary during pregnancy, which can be a fun keepsake to look back on after pregnancy. And, if any dreams are particularly alarming writing them out on paper is a great way to gain some insight and work through your feelings.

Embracing your pregnancy dreams can be a wonderful way to help embrace the new life that awaits you.  Who knows, you may learn your baby’s name, or gender through one of your dreams.

Did you have incredibly vivid dreams during pregnancy?

Written By Stef, Mom of 4@MOM-SPIRATIONAL

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