Five Ways to Decide on a Baby Name

Choosing a baby name is not an easy task. After all, it’s not just a baby name you’re choosing. It’s a teenager name, a middle aged name and an old person name too. What seems perfect for your little baby, may not work quite so well for your teenager in high school. To complicate things further, you probably have to share name-choosing duties with the dad-to-be, meaning this decision is twice as complicated. To save you from nine long months of bickering, here are five ways to decide on a baby name:

1. Search separately, then discuss – instead of hashing out each and every name you stumble upon, set some time aside to embark on solo searches. Invest in a baby book, download an app or find a website you both like, and look through the names. Each of you should note down any names you like. Once you’ve both looked through the names, and found a few you like, it’s time to compare notes.

2. Brainstorm – get together over a cup of tea and some chocolate biscuits, and spend some time discussing names. This is a blue sky thinking exercise, and there are no wrong answers at this point. You should both be honest about how you feel about each name. It’s important not get defensive over name choices, which can be difficult when you love a name your partner hates. Try to focus on the positives (names you both like), rather than the negatives (he hates your favourite name).

3. Get inspired – think back to movies you have seen together, books you have shared, and friends and family members you have loved. Are there any names that stand out as potential baby names? As a couple, you already have a shared history. Delve into it for inspiration for the next chapter of your lives.

4. Use an App – there are lots of baby name Apps and generators online. Find one you like, and spend an evening trying it out together. Some of the names will be ridiculous, you’ll probably agree on lots you hate, but you might find a couple that stick.

5. Outsource it – ok, this option is only for the very brave and very trusting, but you could outsource the choosing of your baby’s name. If you have a best friend or close relative you would trust, ask them to choose for you. You could give them a list of options, or let them go free range and choose any name under the sun.

Are you and your partner bickering about names, or did you have one picked immediately?

Written by Fiona, proud owner of a toddler, @fiona_peacock

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