Top 11 Concerns of Labor and Delivery

According to the book, Birthing From Within, the following are the top 11 concerns of labor and delivery for pregnant woman.

1) Not being able to stand the pain

2) Not being able to relax

3) Feeling rushed, or fear of taking too long

4) My pelvis is not big enough

5) My cervix won’t open

6) Lack of privacy

7) Being judged for making noise

8) Being separated from the baby

9) Having to fight for my wishes to be respected

10) Having intervention and not knowing if it is necessary or what else to do

11) Pooping during labor

As you can see, it is apparently natural for women to worry about all sorts of things prior to giving birth. Most of this worry and concern comes from a sense of not knowing what to expect, and of course the worries that everything will work out as planned. We are conditioned to feel like we are in control of our lives, and the unknown (as well as the high stakes of labor and delivery) tamper with our sense of control.

The good news is that a little bit of worry and apprehension is okay. Your concern for what might happen stems from the love you feel for your baby. But rather than let your worries get the best of you, try these simple tips for regaining your sense of control.

First, make sure that you have a birthing plan that you go over with your family members and your doctors. Most birthing centers will have you fill one out when you visit the hospital. This gives you time to make clear decisions about your wishes during labor and delivery, and enables you to have some records on file so that doctors and nurses can make sure your wishes are followed. Plus, making a birthing plan ahead of time ensures that you won’t have to make snap decisions in the delivery room when your thinking wont be as clear.

Talk to other pregnant moms and family members and friends. You are not alone in giving birth. Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time, and while many people will fill you with horror stories – others will reassure you that all will be well.

Another good piece of advice is to trust your body. Thoughts like “What if I can’t give birth,” or “What if my cervix won’t dilate,” are normal concerns. But trust in your body. Your body knows what it is doing, and as long as you listen to what it is telling you, you will fine. Plus, medical intervention has come so far today that there are very little things that could happen that a doctor won’t be able to help you with.

Remind yourself that your labor and delivery is a personal part of your life. YOUR LIFE. Who cares what others think? Who cares if you poop, or make noise, or if you cry? This is about YOU and YOUR family. The people who are there with you love you and if they respect you, then you should have no worries about being embarrassed or ashamed of ANYTHING that happens during labor and delivery.

Recognize that worrying about pain is normal. It does not mean you are selfish. And just because people tell you that you won’t remember the pain afterwards doesn’t mean that you can easily dismiss a fear of pain. Doctors today can make labor and delivery as comfortable as possible, and YOU ARE TOUGHER THAN YOU THINK!

When the worries get the best of you, just sit back and relax and breathe. Think about your future with your baby. Think positive thoughts and try to keep yourself busy. Find people to talk to about your feelings, and don’t hold anything in. Remember, YOU GOT THIS!

Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @Mom-Spirational

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