Fun Ways to Tell Him He’s Going to be a Daddy

Since the baby grows in our bodies, we women are usually the first to know about the pregnancy. Whether you’ve been trying for a while, or are at the beginning of a happy accident, you are no doubt excited to tell him he’s going to be a daddy. You may feel overwhelmed by it yourself, especially if you haven’t yet had chance to talk to your other half about it.

You might be waiting for the perfect moment to tell him. But then the phone rings, or the dog throws up, or it’s time for Downton Abbey. Or perhaps, nothing happens and it really is the perfect moment, but you can’t seem to get the words out. Your hands are sweating and something catches in your throat, because you know you’re about to change his life forever.

Here are some fun and creative ways to tell him he’s going to be a daddy:

  1. Say it with a onesie – the shops are full of teeny tiny onesies plastered with “I love Daddy” designs. Choose a cute, neutral design, and give it to your partner as a gift. Cook a romantic meal, and present him with a gift bag before dessert. Or before the starters, if you can’t hold it in any longer!
  2. Stay calm and drink tea – let his morning drink do the talking. There are lots of different mugs on offer, from “I love Daddy” to “World’s Best Dad”, or if you’re feeling cheeky, a “Who’s the Daddy?” slogan. Sneak downstairs first thing in the morning to make him breakfast in bed. Make sure he notices his new cup. This isn’t a great idea for a busy Monday morning where he’ll be trying to fly out of the door for a client meeting. Save it for a lazy weekend, so he can spend the rest of the day letting the news sink in.
  3. Take some alone time – take him on a romantic mini-break to share the news. Taking him away from friends, family and other commitments will give him the chance to focus on this great development. If you go somewhere far from home, you’ll be able to talk freely about the news without worrying about people overhearing. It will also give you an opportunity to spend some quality alone time together, before the baby arrives.
  4. Set the scene – all couples have a special place that holds sentimental value. It might be the very top of the Eiffel Tower where he asked you to marry him, or it might be the bench in your home town where you shared your first kiss. Wherever your special place is, take him there to break the news. If nothing else, the setting will warn him that you have something important to say.
  5. Say it with a scrapbook – make a cute photo album of your time together, but leave the last few pages blank. You could start with photos of you both from around the time you met. Include any photos taken at the start of your relationship, some photos of your first holiday together and some wedding photos. Include descriptions of each photo, with funny memories from that place in time. Decorate a page with baby-themed images  such as bonnets, prams and rattles. Include the date you found out, and how you felt, and when you think the baby will be due. The added bonus of this announcement is that he can keep it forever, and you can even use it as your baby’s first photo album.

Choose a way that feels special to you, and something that will mean a lot to your partner. If he hates being the centre of attention, don’t hire a national theatre production company to put on a televised performance of the announcement. If you are a private couple, tell him in a private setting.

Remember, this is big news. Even if you’ve been trying for a while, the fact that you are actually pregnant may take a little time to sink in. Don’t be upset if he stares blankly at you, and then changes the subject. He’s just trying to process that he’s soon to become a Daddy!

Written by Fiona (@Fiona_Peacock), mother, writer and lover of all things baby related.

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