What to Expect in the Second Trimester

YOU MADE IT!  Welcome to the second trimester.

You can now breathe a collective sigh of relief because you have made it through the often confusing first trimester of pregnancy. You might notice that the undesirable side effects of pregnancy such as morning sickness and fatigue are starting to fade away – and you might be noticing A BABY BUMP! How exciting is that? If you are superstitious, you have probably been waiting to buy maternity clothes, and can now go shopping happily to facilitate your rounding belly. Yes, the second trimester of pregnancy brings about a lot of changes – and many women finally start feeling excited about their pregnancy now that the risks of miscarriage drop off substantially.

The second trimester officially begins at the 14 week mark and ends at the 26 week mark. During this time, your baby will experience substantial growth and development and you will begin to start feeling fetal movement, which is one of the most amazing feelings of pregnancy. While your baby is still relatively small, he or she will start to function like a ‘real’ baby learning how to swallow amniotic fluid and move his or her body parts. Sexual body parts, bones and the senses of hearing, smell and taste are developing now as well – and you can finally start having real heart to heart conversations with your baby.

Another exciting part of the second trimester is that you will reach the halfway mark of your pregnancy – at approximately 20 weeks. For most first time moms, this is when you will start feeling the first flutters of movements that will prove to you once and for all that your pregnancy is real! In fact, at around 23 weeks, your baby can hear so well that they may jump or jolt in response to loud noises around you. Hair is also developing during this time and the skinny frame of your baby will start to accumulate the adorable rolls of fat that will make them a cuddly ball of cuteness come delivery day.

For most women, the second trimester is a happy time. You won’t be so big that you feel cumbersome, and yet the world will be able to share in your prenatal bliss. Additionally, since hormones begin to settle slightly, you will have more energy to get things done, will likely not feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster and can finally have fun planning for your baby.

Of course, the second trimester is often the first time that moms are given the once in a lifetime chance to ‘see’ their baby through the technology of ultrasound. Most often, your first ultrasound will be scheduled between the 16th and 22nd week of pregnancy (depending on your health and your doctor’s protocol) and you will get to leave the physicians office with an actual picture of your baby.

For many moms – the second trimester is the best phase of pregnancy and is often dubbed the ‘springtime’ of pregnancy. Not only is your body in full bloom, but your baby is as well. Take plenty of time during this part of your pregnancy to enjoy your life and make sure that you take care of yourself emotionally and physically. After all, you are glowing now – from the inside out.

Written By Stef, Mother of 4@MOM-SPIRATIONAL

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