3 Fun Games to Play With a Seven Month Old

Your baby is already learning so much each day just from watching you. You’re probably not even trying, but you’ve already taught your baby loads about the world. Games are a fun way of helping your baby to develop new skills, having fun and, most importantly, filling time during the day. Here are three fun and interactive games to play with a seven month old:

  1. Muffin trays

At around seven months, your baby may suddenly develop an interest in containers. All of a sudden, he’ll enjoy putting things in and taking them out again. You can exploit this new found love and create a simple game your baby will love. All you’ll need is a clean muffin tray from your kitchen and a selection of items. You can choose whatever items you like. Toy balls, dried pasta, sponges, keys, you name it, your baby will love it. Place some items inside the muffin tray and let your baby have fun moving things about. If you choose items with different smells, textures and sounds, the game becomes a sensory treat for your seven month old.

  1. Repeat after me

Your beautiful little baby is starting to work on his communication skills. At around seven months old, your baby will start making some pretty unusual noises as he experiments with his vocal chords. You can help him to work on his language development by chattering back to him. All you need for this game is yourself and your baby. Sit in front of your baby and repeat any gurgling noises back at him. Copy the intonation, length and sound of his chatter. You will probably find that he chatters straight back and you end up in a nonsensical conversation for a good few minutes. This game will provide plenty of entertainment and you can sleep soundly (as if) knowing that it’s also helping him to develop his language skills.

  1. Where is it hiding?

Your baby now understands object permanence. He knows that something still exists, even when he can no longer see it. Your baby has probably been enjoying peekaboo for quite a while, squealing with delight whenever you reappear from behind your hands. This game builds on those same concepts, allowing baby to try and find the object for himself. Take one of your baby’s favorite toys and hide it either behind your back or under a blanket, then ask your baby where it’s hiding. Your baby should try to find the toy for you, if he’s mobile, he may even crawl behind you to retrieve it.

What games does your seven month old love to play?

Written by Fiona (@Fiona_Peacock), mother, writer and lover of all things baby related.

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