Trying to Get Pregnant! 5 Fertility Tips

When you decide you want to have a baby, most people want to have a baby right away. The problem is that your body is not designed that way, and you will suddenly realize the importance of that always dreaded monthly cycle of yours. Each month that you have your period, you go through several different phases. And not ALL of these phases are fertile times for you.

Typically speaking, a woman is only fertile during ovulation. Ovulation ‘normally’ occurs at the halfway mark of your cycle. So if you have a 28 day cycle, then you should ovulate around Day 14. Keep in mind however that you may ovulate sooner or later – and that the egg can survive in the uterine environment for several days without being fertilized. This is just one reason why the withdrawal method, or cycle counting method is not reliable as birth control.

If you don’t get pregnant in the first month, don’t despair. There are tons of over the counter fertility predictors as well as methods such as measuring your basal body temperature that can help tip the odds in your favor. Additionally, the following fertility tips will help to optimize your body for pregnancy.

  1. Be at your optimum weight. It is not secret that being overweight or underweight has an affect on your body, and can hinder your fertility. People that are extremely underweight often have a very difficult time getting pregnant.
  2. Lay off caffeine and alcohol. Experts believe that a mom wanting to conceive should stay under 250 mgs of caffeine per day, and drink no more than 2 alcoholic drinks per day. Any more, and research lends toward the chance that your fertility could be lessened.
  3. Have sex. It might be counter intuitive, but fertility research shows that while sperm counts stay approximately the same when you and your partner try to ‘save up’ for ovulation day – the mobility (meaning how well the sperm can swim to find the egg) goes down. So have frequent sex, and make sure to start having sex 6 days prior to and six days after your expected ‘ovulation’ period.
  4. Avoid lubricants that may contain a spermicide.
  5. Quit smoking! Both the hopeful mother and father should quit smoking while trying to get pregnant in order to make your body the optimum environment for pregnancy.

Most importantly, make sure that you relax and enjoy this ‘baby creating’ time with your partner. The last thing you want to do is zap the fun out of your sexual escapades by making them all about baby creation. Experts also advise couples to give it time, and be patient. If you know you want to have a baby – then you and your partner should take care to ensure that your bodies are in the best shape possible.  A healthy you (and dad to be) helps to make a healthy baby.


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