Why You Should Take More Photos With Your Baby

Moms are shortchanged in the photo department, that’s for sure. You probably spend half the weekend taking adorable candid shots of your partner playing with and caring for your baby. And yet you only appear in a handful of the photos your partner takes of your child. Why is this? Well, in part it could be because you ask people not to take your photo. Perhaps you worry that your hair looks messy, or you haven’t got any makeup on or you’re simply not feeling photo-ready, and so you miss out, again. Here are a few reasons why you should take more photos with your baby:

  1. Because it’s easy

Unlike in your grandmother’s day, you don’t have to save up for enough money to pay a professional photograph to take some snaps of you and your baby. Instead, you can simply grab your smartphone, tablet or digital camera and take as many photos as you like. We live in a world where photos are easy to come by, shouldn’t you be making the most of that?

  1. Because this moment will pass

I know, it doesn’t feel that way now, but very soon this moment will be over. Your baby will have moved onto the next phase, and those things you take for granted now won’t happen anymore. Babies change so quickly, the more photographs you take, the more able you’ll be to capture those feelings forever.

  1. Because no-one else will

If you have mom friends, you might find they take lots of photos of you with the baby. They know only too well what it feels like to realise you’re not in many of the family photos, and they don’t want you to get left out. Generally though, you’ll be the only one taking these photos, unless you ask your partner to take more. So make sure you take lots. Remember, if you take them yourself, you can always delete the ones you don’t like.

  1. Because filters

There’s no excuse for not taking a photo when you have an abundance of flattering and eye-bag-hiding filters to choose from. Thanks to smartphone technology, you can make pretty much any photo look amazing these days, so you have no excuse.

  1. Because they will be your memories

One day, your baby will grow up and ask to see baby photos. Your child will want to see what she looked like as a baby, how she was dressed and what her family looked like. Make sure you feature in those family photos. Don’t let yourself be the family photographer who never makes it into the pictures. Photographs can help us to remember a moment in time, make sure you give yourself that opportunity.

  1. Because the photos will make you broody

How will you ever have more babies if you don’t have an app on your phone reminding you of how lovely it is to have a newborn baby? Quick, take some photos and upload them to social media immediately. Then, one year from now, you’ll be able to feel broody remembering how lovely like was today.

Do you take many photos of you and your baby?

Written by Fiona (@Fiona_Peacock), mother, writer and lover of all things baby related.

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