5 Fantastic First Birthday Gift Ideas

The most important person in the world is about to turn one. Not only does this mean you have successfully survived your first year of motherhood, it also means the pressure is on when it comes to choosing the perfect gift. After all, this is the person who made you a mom. The person you grew inside your uterus for nine long months. The person you have shared one of the hardest and most incredible years of your life with. So, what do you get for the baby who has everything? Here are five awesome gift suggestions for your baby:

  1. Some wheels

She might not be old enough for her first car just yet, but you could still treat her to a set of wheels. You’ve probably already noticed that babies and toddlers love to move. Fast. The faster the better, really. And they love nothing more than trying out the latest trike, ride along or pull along toy at baby group. There are so many different designs available, so you should be able to find the perfect toy for your baby. From the bright red plastic tractor to the handmade wooden cart, you’ll be sure to find something your baby loves.

  1. Ball pool

Babies love ball pools, it’s a simple fact of life. Luckily for you, so do toddlers, so your baby will get lots of playtime out of this first birthday gift. And it’ll be a great feature at the birthday party. Ball pools come in all shapes and sizes. Choose one that will pack away neatly and be easy to set up when needed.

  1. Garden toys

Now that your baby is getting older, she’s likely to be spending more time in the garden. Once your baby has learned how to toddle, the garden provides a new space to explore. Make the garden even more appealing by investing in some garden toys. You could choose a playhouse for the bottom of the garden or perhaps a sandpit to have some fun with. Think back to when you were little, what were your favorite toys to play with outside?

  1. Rocker

Now that your baby has grown too big for her bouncy chair, she’ll need a new place to bounce. There are plenty of rockers and bounce-on toys designed for one year olds. From small wooden rocking horses to plush rocking ladybirds and bouncing zebras. There are rockers to suit every budget so shop around to find the perfect option for your baby.

  1. A train set

Your baby might be a bit young for the complexities of track design and building, but she’ll still enjoy pushing trains around the track. The great thing about a toy like this is that it will grow with your child. What might start off as a simple push along toy will soon become a great addition to her imaginative play. Train sets can be added to over time, as well, so start off with a small set and you can expand in the future if it becomes one of your child’s favorite toys.

What are you planning to get your baby for their first birthday?

Written by Fiona (@Fiona_Peacock), mother, writer and lover of all things baby related.

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