Top 6 Foods For Fertility

Nutrition is important when you are trying to conceive. In fact, according to nutritionists the intricate balance of vitamins and minerals gained from foods that you consume can be the difference between the absence or presence of a little pink line on your pregnancy test. And this doesn’t just apply to women! Men and women who are trying to conceive need to pay attention to their health and wellbeing and make sure that their bodies are in optimal condition for reproduction.

If you are planning a baby, then use this list of the top 6 foods for fertility to improve your (and your partner’s) diet:

1.  Beans and lentils.  According to research at Harvard University, fertility is decreased in women who have the largest amounts of animal proteins in their diet, as opposed to plant-based proteins. Beans can offer your body complex plant proteins that can help you get pregnant. Beans and lentils, of all variations, provide you with essential nutrients your body needs.

2.  Whole milk. While a low-fat diet is healthy, experts suggest that WHOLE milk helps to ensure your ovaries are working properly. In fact, whole milk products such as ice cream, or milk straight from the glass can protect women from ovulatory infertility. Skim and low-fat milks have proven to do the opposite. So if you are TTC, plan on 2 servings of whole milk each day.

3.  Leafy greens. It has been known for decades that leafy greens are an essential part of a healthy diet. However, new research indicates the leafy greens such as turnips, spinach, broccoli, romaine etc. provide a hard-to-get B vitamin that boosts the production of sperm, helps to regulate ovulation and boosts your overall health.

4.  Pumpkin seeds. This easy and health snack has non-heme iron found in plants which is said to boost fertility by as much as 40%.

5.  Whole grains. Trade in all of your white grains and breads for whole wheat and you will be able to keep your insulin and blood sugar levels regulated. Balanced blood sugar and insulin is important to nearly all of your hormonal and bodily functions. Since whole grains are digested better by your body, they are certainly healthier and they can help to boost your fertility as decreased blood sugar balance impedes ovulation and sperm counts.

6.  Wild salmon. Wild salmon (as well as other fish) provides you with Omega-3 Fatty acids which help to regulate the blood flow to the reproductive organs. Plus, choices such as wild salmon are low in mercury. Try to eat an Omega-3-rich fish at least twice per week in replace of red meats for optimum health.

Of course, it is also essential to avoid trans fats that are often found in baked goods and fried foods. The best rule of thumb to follow is to eat only good foods that provide you with nutritional value. If a food is void of nutrients and minerals, then you should avoid it. Plus, eating healthy now will make it much easier to do once you become pregnant!

Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @Momspirational

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