Five Inspiring Ideas for Push Presents

‘Push presents’ are a relatively new phenomenon, and are by no means common practice just yet. Some people think it’s a nice way to acknowledge the occasion, and others feel it is an unnecessary gift when the baby is reminder enough. Whatever your personal feelings, you won’t want to be the only new dad showing up to the postnatal ward empty handed, especially when all the other new mums are cooing over their gifts. So, here are five inspiring ideas for push presents, whatever your budget:

1. The classic choice – jewellery is the classic option for push presents. Some fathers choose to give their wife a third ring to wear on her wedding finger, and others choose to have a locket inscribed. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something your wife will love, and a piece she will want to wear to all occasions.

2. The modern alternative – some women want to learn to take better photographs so they can capture their growing child, others may want to start an online journal to record life as a new mother. Whatever your partner’s ambitions, you could treat her to a piece of technology that will make it that little bit easier – a new camera for photographs, or a laptop to use for blogging. Or maybe you’d like to treat her to a tablet or smartphone so she can keep herself entertained during the (many) hours she’s about to spend trapped under a sleeping baby.

3. The budget choice – becoming a parent can be an expensive hobby, so you are forgiven for not having much spare cash lying around for a push present. A push present doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to be a nice reminder of what your partner did, and how impressed you were. A nice frame is a perfect present – it won’t break the bank, she will be able to keep it forever, and she’ll be able to decide which photograph goes in it.

4. The artistic gift – you could hire a local artist to create a custom print of your new family. You can get amazing illustrators who will be able to capture both you and your partner, while creating a generic new baby so that the gift can be ready before the birth. Or, you could wait until after, and have an artist paint a picture from your first family photograph.

5. The sentimental reminder – this needn’t cost you a penny, all you need is a pen, some paper, and some time to note down your thoughts and feelings. As well as feeling exhausted, you will probably be overwhelmed with love for your partner after the birth. Take this opportunity to note down how you feel, and exactly what she means to you. She will be able to keep the letter forever, and look back on it to remember this important occasion in your joint history.

What push present are you hoping to receive, or do you see it as an unnecessary luxury?

Written by Fiona, proud owner of a toddler, @fiona_peacock

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