Making a Keepsake Box for Baby

When you had your baby, you were probably told how quickly kids grow up. You might even be starting to realize how fast times flies. One thing is for sure, you can’t slow time, but you can do your best to enjoy every moment. Another thing you can do is capture some of the memories in a baby keepsake box.

No doubt, you will have several mementos you want to save from your baby’s first year. Although you probably cannot save everything, some items are especially meaningful, and you want to hang on to them. That’s why making a keepsake box for your baby is so special.

The type of box you use is not important. Just make sure it’s large enough to put in some treasured items. Memory or keepsake boxes can be purchased. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money or buy a fancy box to hold your memories.

You can also make your own keepsake box. For example, transform a wooden box with felt, ribbon and shoelaces. You can also use a simple, sturdy gift box and personalize it with your baby’s name and a few decorations. Just make sure the box is durable.

What you put in your baby’s keepsake box is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong way to create a keepsake box. Anything that has a special meaning or sentimental value is something to consider placing in the box. For example, you might want to keep shower invitations, birth announcements and cards from your baby’s christening.

Consider placing a pair of baby booties or his first shoes in the box. One day when your little one is taller than you, you’ll look back at those tiny baby shoes and won’t believe just how small your baby’s feet were. You might also want to keep a cap and the outfit he wore home from the hospital. Don’t forget his hospital wristband and the name card on the bassinet.

A few additional items you may want to place in the keepsake box is one of your baby’s first rattles or toys, a lock of hair and a favorite book you read to her.

A newspaper from the day your baby was born is also a good keepsake. A newspaper will help you remember what was going on in the world when your baby made her grand entrance.

Lastly, consider writing a letter to your baby telling her how you felt when she was born. Someday, your baby will be all grown up and treasure the words you wrote.

Written by MaryAnn DePietro @writerlady4

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