3 Questions about Labor and Delivery

As you approach labor and delivery, you will be trying to put together everything you know about childbirth and wondering how it will be for you. Many people have labor and delivery concerns. In fact, even moms who have been there and done that, have worries about what labor and delivery will hold for them.

The following are the 3 common questions about labor and delivery that most women worry or wonder about.

1.  What if I cannot handle the pain? Sure, labor and delivery is painful. You have heard the stories. You have also likely heard that most women forget about it as soon as it is over. The good news is that today, pain management is available and you as the patient have the right to choose just how much you want to feel and how much you don’t. Taking pain medicine is a private choice, and if you are terrified of pain – then an epidural or spinal is the best way for you to go. The reality is, that although labor and delivery is painful, it is not altogether unpleasant. Keep in mind that women have been giving birth forever – and that you too, will be able to get through it. For most women, the worries about the pain are worse than the pain itself.

2.  Will I poop on the doctor? Chances are you will. And chances are, the doctor won’t mind a bit. And chances are, you won’t even know you did it. The pressure and pushing that go hand in hand with labor and delivery do often produce a bowel movement.  But believe us when we say that there is NOT a labor and delivery doctor that will be offended. In fact, you just focus on having a baby and let the doctors – and nurses – deal with the rest.

3. Will I embarrass myself by hollering or screaming during labor? When women give birth, they make many sounds. From winces of pains, to yelps, to moans to whines. In the throes of labor and delivery, you will not even notice you are making a sound at all. And, you will likely not worry about who is around to hear you. Some women don’t make any noises during labor, while others cry and scream. Regardless of what you do during labor – no one will be making fun of you, and you will not embarrass yourself. Midwives and those who attend birth are completely aware of what to expect, and they won’t hold it against you. After all, you are delivering a tiny human – which entitles you to any noises that you deem suitable.

Fears and worries about labor can impact the progress of the birth – even to the point of slowing things down to a stop. Dealing with your fears before the childbirth process starts can help you have the birth you want.

Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @Momspirational

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