Pregnancy Photography: Capturing Memories

At the moment, you are eating, breathing and (not) sleeping pregnancy, but one day it will be a distant memory. As those nine months edge slowly by, you may struggle to remember what life was like before pregnancy. I mean, what do your knees actually look like anyway? Once it’s over, however, you’ll think back and find it hard to believe just how big your bump got.

One way to make sure you never forget is to use photography to capture the pregnancy for you. The photographs will last a lifetime, and the photo shoot will be a great way to celebrate your pregnant body. You may not be all too fond of it now, but you might find yourself looking back in amazement one day.

Here are some tips to help you get photographs to be proud of:

1. Use a professional – if you want professional photographs, use a professional photographer. A professional will have all of the camera, lighting and editing equipment to make sure your pictures turn out perfect. Choose a photographer you feel comfortable with, and whose photography style you love.

2. Wait until your seventh month – experts say this is the ideal time for a pregnancy photo shoot. If you wait much longer, you might find yourself feeling swollen, bloated, stretched and uncomfortable. Any earlier and you may not have much of a bump to photograph.

3. Have your hair done – get your hair and makeup done before the shoot. If you’re on a budget, ask a friend to do them for you. Having your hair and makeup done will help to make sure you look your best, and will also help to boost your confidence in front of the camera.

4. Wear something special – you need to feel comfortable on the day, so wear something you love for the photo shoot. Whether you’re wearing a maxi dress, a nightgown, or going nude, make sure you feel beautiful in what you wear.

5. Make sure it’s ‘you’ – if you’re not the kind of person who wants a photograph of your topless husband hugging your bump, don’t do it. The photograph should reflect your personality, so make sure your photographer knows what you want. Whether it’s romantic, cheesy, cute or quirky, make sure you take photographs you will want to frame.

6. Make it personal – the best way to make a photo shoot personal, is to shoot it in your house. Many photographers will be happy to come out to your home and shoot the photographs there. If space won’t allow that, take some props with you to the studio. Whether it’s something you’ve bought for the baby, the scan photo, or just some bits and pieces from around the home, take them in. Your photographer will be able to come up with ways to incorporate the props, and make the photo shoot unique to you.

7. Get some silhouette shots – the silhouette of a bump is always beautiful, so make sure you get a few photos of this. If you’re feeling self conscious about your face or body, the silhouette shots may end up being your favourites.

8. Make it a family affair – if you have children, get them involved in the photo shoot. There are lots of cute ways to get kids involved, some couples choose to have their hand prints painted on the bump. If your pets are your family, invite them along too. Muddy paw prints are another cute bump decoration.

9. Get follow ups taken – if you love the photographs, and enjoyed working with the photographer, book for some follow-ups for after the baby arrives. Using the same photographer will allow for continuity between the two shoots.

Are you having a pregnancy photo shoot?

Written by Fiona, proud owner of a toddler, @fiona_peacock

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